Growing our Business

Growing our Business

We grow and learn new things every time something changes. We discover new insights about different aspects of our business life. It’s like learning to ride a bike again! It will mean some grazed knees, but in the end we will learn and grow.

Business Flexibility

Is our business set up to be flexible, can we re-write the 3 year plan? Many big corporates find this hard to do this. Decisions are made at board level on an annual basis and department heads have to stick to plan. Companies are resistant to change because of a natural internal corporate ‘inertia’.

Are we able to change markets, work with new customers, change the way we produce, change the way we do what we do, constantly evolve and adapt?

Are we set up to easily adapt to new situations, new environments, and new people. We like looking new ways to manage your business, new production techniques and new opportunities. Launching exhibitions in new evolving markets is all about offering new routes to new markets. Are we open minded enough?

Incremental Improvements

All of us know that nothing will improve by itself. You are here looking to improve. So stage one of this improvement has started. But remember we may need to do things differently to make that happen. Without change, there’d be no improvements.

Business values

From time to time changes make you re-evaluate our business proposition and look at things differently. Changes in the world of business are all around us, do we evolve with them or stay static?

The Domino Effect

Often we give up because we cannot accomplish the difficult task of making a huge and immediate change. That is when experience becomes extremely valuable. One shift at a time, small changes will eventually lead you to the desired big one. We should be looking for incremental improvements in business. When we launched our new exhibition business, we felt sure we had all the skills to build a successful business, but one thing we forgot was patience. We came from a business that was very successful, but clearly had momentum on its side – momentum that we had begun. Believe me, it’s a lot easier to build a business that already has momentum than start a new business. Be patient and don’t give up, once new momentum begins with your new idea, then the dominoes will start falling.

Strength through change – opportunity in Adversity

The going gets tough etc .... Not all changes lead you to pleasant periods in your business life. The last few years have been tough for business and have been tough for us. Overcoming the tough period will make us stronger. The weaker tend to give up, the big boys 'hunker' down, the innovators innovate!