Fear of Flight – Fear of Change

Fear of change – is the fear of imagined consequences.


Have you ever been on a flight and the plane begins to go through some turbulent air.

All you want is for the Captain to say something,  to tell you – What is happening, to reassure you it’s going to be alrightand to advise you how long it will last.

Or he doesn’t say anything – How do you feel?


It’s the not knowing what is happening or what is going to happen that makes you feel nervous.

All we ask is ‘Give us information what’s going to happen’…


This is the same with change.


We resent change particularly, if we cannot control it or know its consequences.

However, we know that we cannot stay still, whilst the world changes around us.

We know that loads of external factors are impacting on our business: Changing technology, demanding customers, new products, competition, globalisation etc…

So the key to getting your company to change is giving them ownership. Let them tell you how you can do this and let them design the way to adapt to change –


I am going to give you a tool to give your people.


1.     What would you Keep ? People, products

2.     Throw away ? Systems , Rules, red tape

3.     Change? Culture , Thinking

4.     Add Innovation , creativity,  Fun

If you let your people use this… they will come up with ‘Change’ they have created and own.

And don’t believe that People HATE change …this is just not TRUE?

Just ask the fashion industry and tourism industry … we all want new holiday ideas or new clothes to wear. They base their business model on our desire for change.

People all want change – but they just want genuine, real change, not fake change, and they want change that they feel part of.

Not incremental Change, not just changing elements of the structure,

We need change that REALLY changes to the culture the thinking…