Try, try, try again.

It is clear when you read about successful innovating entrepreneurs that they have one thing in common. They have real commitment to the cause, they don’t give up. They will try and try again.

When things do go wrong or they are not getting very far they do keep going. Maybe they change direction, but they don’t give up

As Einstein said ‘a person who has never made a mistake, never tried anything new’

I love the story of the Beatles and their success in the US. When the Beatles in 1964 played on the legendary Ed Sullivan show on American TV for the first time, it was certainly a milestone in terms of their success. For their US audience they had appeared from nowhere. Would you believe a record-breaking audience of 73 million viewers watched their performance?

For many in America the Beatles were an overnight success, but as we know Lennon and McCartney met in 1957 and had been playing together for several years. The honed there skill in the clubs of Liverpool and spent several years in Hamburg playing night after night. They had started as a band that did ‘Rock n Roll’ covers, but soon tried to create their own unique style, experimenting and innovating with new adventurous songs and sounds. 7 days a week they played , constantly evolving their sound, whilst being highly critical of each other and providing feedback to improve an enhance their songs.

By the time they went to America, they were confident, competent and accomplished. There was no sense of nerves during the performance and they ‘nailed it’.

This level of dedication and commitment leads to success. In fact, 99% of successful people have this ability to keep going. Practice is useful but it has to be good practice. Don’t just repeat thoughtlessly bad practice. Tweek it, shape it, develop it and change it !

When we launched our first event - EcoPrint - it was an OK as a first event, but not really good enough to keep going with, many things seemed to be against us and the market dynamic was challenging, but we didn’t give up on the idea of creating a new and different Print show. From EcoPrint came InPrint, which after its 2nd outing in Munich last November is now proving to be really successful with our third show in Milan. And the concept will keep growing, getting bigger and better.

‘When the painter Matisse produced a series of paintings of the same model, he didn’t achieve more and more accuracy; he achieved more and more inventiveness’ Judkins