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What’s in a Name? The Past, Present and future of Personalisation

Richard Askam was recently voted top speaker at D-Scoop Phoenix, 2017. Richard is an entrepreneur and founder of Communications Agency, WNC.

In his twenties, Richard realised that his family’s small chain of off-licences was doomed by the supermarket phenomenon rapidly changing the business landscape. Using his entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of future trends, Richard created a new business from the ashes of the old.  Starting from scratch in a rented garage, he built one of the country’s most profitable independent wine merchants.

Using success as a springboard for further innovation, and by responding to what the market needed, he created another start-up company - which is now the UK’s largest personalised gift business. In less than a decade it has delivered significant profit for global brands such as Barclays, Interflora, Coca-Cola, Unilever and United Biscuits.