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Founding and Growing a Technology Business - the Blacktrace story

Mark started working life being purely interested in the challenge of developing new products and technologies. Early in his career, he realised he had more ideas than time to develop them. It dawned on him that in order to bring these ideas to life, convincing other people that his ideas should be worked on were really important. He has, therefore, become very effective at selling ideas.

This progressed to the point where he has successfully started and run a fast growing group of companies. Starting with Syrris, leading to Dolomite, Blacktrace and Beyond.

His goals for the future is to further develop this engine of commercially driven successful innovation companies. A common theme is Productising Science, in other words, taking New Scientific Discoveries from University, or other Research environments and structuring deals and partnerships to enable world-leading products to be developed and then marketed and sold globally.

According to Mark, key to this is to create fun, effective environments for designers, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, sales people, marketeers and all other people to work.