Criteria for all is:

Innovation – how has the product created new value for production.

Collaboration – where the company in question has worked with the customer and more than one partner or supplier to succeed.

Technical Excellence – to be able to score how well the technology performs in an industrial environment and how the development of the technology has exceeded expectations.

If the product is inkjet - The challenge for inkjet is always to be able to perform to the required standard and to the necessary production speed. This must be achieved.

If the product is screen – the challenge for screen is to be able to provide new value to meet the demands of new production (For example, printed electronics and smart technologies) by breaking new ground for industrial print.

New Application Potential

The award winner will score highly if the technology in question enables new production potential either not possible before or that is proven to have made significant gains in a new application area adding value, flexibility and performance.


The winner will have been a company that has been successful in proactively communicating their innovation to their customer community.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

The business will be playing a role of leading the market towards new potential, being active as a thought leader and inspiring others within their company to do great things.

Please note any entry must be an exhibitor, partner, or the customer of an exhibitor. No outside entries are possible.