The Future of InkJet is Industrial Print

Inkjet Conference Opens to a packed auditorium of nearly 300 delegates Sitting at the InkJet Conference in Dusseldorf organised by ESMA, the prevailing mood is one of positivity and buoyancy.

There is no question that inkjet is moving into a rich new area of development by traversing a number of different industries providing specialist and innovative value across the board.

This event, launched a few months ago has nearly 300 delegates. As organiser Steve Knight says, "electronics and chemistry provide challenges for production and inkjet is now truly meeting this challenge. But in order to continue to develop require high level of discussion, collaboration and expertise and the success of this conference proves the market is growing and we look forward to the value it creates for all delegates, sponsors and speakers."

As the success of the InPrint Show proved. The Future of Inkjet is Industrial Print.