Putting the ink into inkjet - Mexar

Mexar is a UK based inkjet ink development company that works with OEMs’, end users and other ink companies to develop inks for textiles, décor and other industrial print markets. Established in 2008 by Andy Hancock and Roger Tirrell – the business has grown into an innovative developer that plays a key role for inkjet in unlocking new market potential. Ahead of their first exhibiting appearance at InPrint, we talked to Andy Hancock about the business and the development of industrial inkjet.

For Sensient: The Future is Water

Sensient is a leader in development and supply of innovative digital inkjet inks for textile, industrial and specialty printing markets with a focus on sustainability. Highly experienced in sublimation printing, Sensient’s acquisition of Xennia Technology in 2015 added reactive, acid and pigment inks to enable a portfolio of inks to print onto any textile. We talked to Simon Daplyn who is leading Sensient into new industrial applications, and we ask him his view of the development of the technology into new markets.

INX Digital's industrial print solutions at InPrint USA get products to market faster

INX Digital's industrial print solutions at InPrint USA get products to market faster

When InPrint USA is held for the first time April 25-27 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, INX Digital (booth 1431) will have speed on the agenda. 

Promethean Particles - Nano Production on an Industrial Scale

I recently met with Anais Venet at Promethean Particles in Nottingham.

I talked to her about the kind of innovation they have developed with nano particles, and an innovative reactor that can produce a dispersed nano-copper, a material perfect for conductive inks. This challenger technology, I discovered was born out of Nottingham University and offers a unique opportunity for producers. I found out why.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Geared to Serialization

Well-designed packaging aims at better promotion, targeted marketing, and better sales. For the pharmaceutical industry packaging yet plays another critical role in ensuring the efficient distribution and eventually, the safe consumption of drugs. In this blog,  Dr Marc Graindourze of Agfa outlines why this is the case and the role that inkjet is playing in this growing area.

Lausanne Calling

Lausanne Calling

IMI Europe are running the Inkjet Engineering and Inkjet Development Conference in Lausanne later this month and we caught up with their Managing Director, Dr Tim Phillips to find out more about this year’s event

ALTANA Acquires Landa Metallography Technology

The Landa Group and ALTANA AG today announced that ALTANA has acquired Landa's Metallography technology. First unveiled by Landa at the Drupa printing exhibition in June, 2016, this novel technology for producing metallized graphics is a sustainable alternative to foil-transfer processes, enabling metallization graphics at up to half the cost of conventional foil stamping. Landa will progressively transfer the remaining development and engineering work to ALTANA’s ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants division, who will be bringing the Metallography technology to market in the coming years.

Hapa and Revolutionising the Packaging Supply Chain - an interview with Peter Schkoda

Peter Schkoda delivered a very interesting presentation at the Digital Print for Packaging Conference in Berlin. We talked to him about his view on the development of digital printing and where Hapa see the opportunity, and why they have such clear insight into developments within this sector.

InPrint USA: 'Focus on Leadership'- Interview with Lawrence Gamblin from Kao Collins

Back in September 2016 I heard Lawrence Gamblin from Collins Inkjet present at the IMI Inkjet Technology Showcase in Chicago. His session was both inspiring and interesting. So much so, I organised a time to speak to him about his particular entrepreneurial journey in the inkjet world. The timing of the presentation and the subsequent discussion was shortly after the announcement of Kao Corporations acquisition of Collins Inkjet. So it was a good time to discuss the achievement of Collins Inkjet and his view on trends in the market and his opinion on the future.

InPrint 2016 Shows Evolution of Inkjet for Nazdar Ink Technologies

Nazdar Ink Technologies says InPrint 2016 demonstrated the development of inkjet printing technology as visitors 'came with more answers than questions'.

Printing Hazard Pictograms in a Single Pass with UV Inkjet Inks

Marc Graindourze from Agfa introduces the new hazard pictograms, which need to replace the old ones on the work floor by 1 June 2017 at the latest. They consist of a red outlined rhombus with a black symbol inside. By extending a marking & coding print system to two print heads, one for black ink and one for red ink, printing these labels is now possible in a single print pass. 

InPrint 2016: J-Teck3 to Showcase Inkjet Solutions Industrial Printing Applications in Milan

J-Teck3, brand of JK Group SPA, recently acquired by Dover Corporation, will be attending Inprint with its range of digital inks dedicated to textile and graphic industrial printing applications. The potential of the industrial printing technology is huge and sees a constant growth.  J-Teck3 strongly believes in this potential and future success in the digital printing market.

Interview with Marco Zanella, INX Digital

After nearly 12 months into his post, we spoke to Marco Zanella who ascended into the role of GM for INX Digital Europe, based near Milan, Italy. A supporter of InPrint from the start, we talked to Marco about his background, his view of the market and the future of INX Digital.

Agfa Graphics Promotes the Integration of Industrial Inkjet in Manufacturing at InPrint Italy 2016

At InPrint 2016 in Milan, Agfa Graphics will display a wide selection of industrial products that are digitally printed. Whether UV-curable or water-based, Agfa inks deliver the functional requirements for e.g. flooring and furniture on melamine base.  Read more about what Agfa will be showing at InPrint in Milan.

Sun Chemical and SunJet collaborate to present innovative solutions for industrial applications at InPrint 2016

Sun Chemical and its specialist global inkjet division SunJet, will be presenting their unique approach to collaborative product development in ink solutions and inkjet chemistry for functional, industrial and speciality print applications on stand F60 at Inprint 2016 from 15-17 November in Milan, Italy.

(Approximately) five key issues in inkjet ink development

When developing inkjet inks, the chemistry teams in companies around the world face a variety of challenges: often the only visibility of this is when a digital printing application falls short in the field and the search for someone to blame begins! Perhaps a more complete understanding of the difficulties being faced in today’s market would help the collaboration between ink developers and the other disciplines that are required for a successful development.

Chemstream: Tapping into high end R&D

Chemstream is an innovative chemical R&D company with a specialty in translating material problems in sustainable formulations with a focus on high-end nano dispersions, functional coating and inkjet inks. Managing Director Frank De Voeght and I caught up recently and I found out more about this specialist chemistry company based in Belgium.