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InPrint 2018: Heidelberg Expects Keen Interest in Customized Printing on Objects

The general trend toward customization is a hallmark of the digital age. The option of custom-enhancing high-quality mass-produced items and thus reaching consumers or customers on a personal level opens up attractive new and profitable business models for manufacturers of branded goods and industrial production companies. As a result, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is expecting a high level of interest in the possibilities for custom-finishing and printing on objects at InPrint 2018, which is taking place from November 20 to 22 in Milan.

Taking a Road Trip with Industrial Inkjet, Omnifire and Ritzi

In July of this year, Ritzi Automotive and Heidelberg hosted a superb open day at Ritzi Lackiertechnik premises in Trossingen. This article covers the content presented including discussion with key people at Heidelberg and Ritzi on progress in developing this new technology and applications within automotive.

Heidelberg Omnifire Presents at Allestire DecorLab in Milan

Allestire Decor Lab is a place where you can learn about the potential of digital interior decoration and understand how decoration can be individualized, organized by the Italian magazine Allestire which covers the world of exhibit design. From product and store designers to event managers and booth builders up unto creative directors, architects, franchisers and end customers- they all came together to see innovative products and decoration solutions and to learn about new techniques, technologies, materials and even how to develop creative projects.

Personalization as a megatrend - Heidelberg showcasing digital printing solutions at InPrint 2017

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) will be presenting digital printing solutions for the automotive sector at stand 372 at InPrint 2017 in Munich from 14 to 16 November. These solutions help providers from the sector to offer their customers personalized, attractive products – using digitally realized designs that are in ever greater demand given the megatrend of personalization.

Industry Support Builds for Pure Digital Show

Industry Support Builds for Pure Digital Show

The Pure Digital Show launched back on 26th April 2017 and has attracted the strong support from the leading names in print technology including HP, Canon, Mimaki, Tonejet, and Sihl along with the support of leading associations such as SI’BON, IGI, and DGI.

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More than just ink on a can: Direct container printing with inkjet

UV inkjet printing is the ideal solution for printing ‘direct-to-shape’. It perfectly matches the trends and needs of the growing packaging market: shorter product cycles, customization & variation, and less waste.

Heidelberg Omnifire Exclusive Days Event Attracts Industrial Print Leaders

On 15-16 March 2017, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG at their R&D Center in Heidelberg will host a special event in Heidelberg focused on providing help for customers investing in their innovative direct to shape inkjet technology. This blog explains more.

Digital Print Packaging: Poised at the Chasm

Digital Print Packaging: Poised at the Chasm

According to brand owners speaking at the recent Smithers PIRA Digital Print for Packaging Conference in Berlin, digital print must be better, faster and perhaps, even cheaper. In this event review I outline some of the insight gathered from the event.

Heidelberg extends its range for digital, colour, and personalized printing of objects

Heidelberg extends its range for digital, colour, and personalized printing of objects

Heidelberg extends its range for digital, colour, and personalized printing of objects at this year's InPrint, Milan.

Direct to Shape: Ritter counts again on innovative digital printing by Hinterkopf

The digital printing technology of the D240 by Hinterkopf paved the way to an even more resource efficient decoration of cartridges beginning in spring of 2015. Just under a year later, the company ordered the second machine, which is considered future oriented by the German Department of Environmental Affairs.

Heidelberg Omnifire Develops New Sporting Opportunities for Direct to Shape

Interest is really high for direct to shape inkjet technology.  Add to this, the huge possibilities with the new Heidelberg Omnifire 250 and the interest in football, you could have a match made in footballing heaven.

One of the great opportunities for Heidelberg, according to Frank Janssen, is the sports sector. And whilst the European Football Championships are in full swing, Heidelberg’s direct to shape technology is being put to good use with the digital decoration of footballs. 

Heidelberg scoop special EDP award for Omnifire direct to shape technology

In a previous post in this blog we interviewed Frank Janssen, Heidelberg's General Manager of 4D Printing about Heidelberg's industrial digital future. With the launch of the Omnifire at InPrint in November 2015 it seems the famous manufacturer has already caught the attention of the market by winning an EDP Award.

Heidelberg and its digital future

Arriving at Heidelberg at the Print Media Academy, we were enthusiastically greeted by the digital team headed by Jason Oliver who is the Senior Vice President of Digital and Frank Janssen who is the General Manager of 4D Printing. Immediately it became apparent that the digital culture of this part of Heidelberg is quite different to the more conservative culture that has typified Heidelberg over the years. During the day we talked of developing new technologies within a growing team that has a proven track record in developing cutting edge digital print technology. This team is creating a culture that is conducive to digital disruption, by trying out new things and moving quickly to market. 

InPrint 2015 sees the start of the direct to shape revolution

InPrint Show features the largest collection of direct to shape digital inkjet printing technology anywhere in the world proving that it the revolution can begin. Interested in joining us for our webinar? Read the blog, register through the link.

Message on a bottle

InPrint 2015 will feature the world's leading companies for direct to shape printing.  This blog written by Rob Haak and commissioned by Agfa Graphics, outlines the development from labels to direct to shape includes Agfa and Xaar's development and integration success with Martens Brouwerij in Belgium and KHS Systems.

World's First Direct Print Powered by KHS System Using Xaar 1002 Heads

Following on from the blog earlier in the week focusing on Agfa's participation, this follow up focuses on Xaar's role in the production of what could be a game-changing campaign for direct to shape printing.