SALON IRIS Provides Vital Link in Innovation Chain for Industrial Print Production

Glass Print Kitchen Splash Back Innovation occurs when creative people work within an area of transforming technology. And it does not always come from large companies. In fact, some of the most interesting innovation at InPrint will be shown by smaller organisations within the industrial print sector.SALON IRIS is a great example of this. Led by inkjet pioneer Stefan Fiedler, SALON IRIS is the vital link between the LFP inkjet industry and the surface decorating industries at the InPrint Show.

Dr Richard Piock, Chairman of the Board at Durst Phototecknik Group explains how effective SALON IRIS are, “Long before todays worldwide players have launched their inkjet printers Fiedler has revolutionized the fine art and photo community by using sophisticated inkjet printing machines that finally lent their name to his company. Comprehensive colour management and printing technology expertise in combination with ink and media know-how puts SALON IRIS in a privileged position when it comes to industrial printing applications such as decor printing for MDF and HPL panels as well as wallpaper and decor films.“

SALON IRIS provides consulting, R&D integration and outsourced print production services. At InPrint SALON IRIS also shows a wide range of innovative LFP industrial inkjet print samples of a wide variety of industrial print applications with experience of digital fine art and photographic printing, the experts at SALON IRIS offer the following know-how to surface decorating industries:

• Market Surveys and Feasibility Studies

• R & D

• Material Testing

• Surface Technologies

• Artwork, Design and Decor Competence

• Image Acquisition & Processing (Cruse Decor Scanning, Hi-Res Digital Photography)

• Color Management

• Workflow Strategies

• RIP Processing and Quality Assurance

• Outsourced Large Format Industrial Inkjet Printing Services


Applications and Markets

SALON IRIS provides large format inkjet printing know-how for these

decorative applications:

• Surface Treatment, Precoatings and Protective Topcoats

• Flat Glass (float, ESG, VSG, TVG - organic and anorganic, ceramic inks)

• Tiles, Ceramics

• Facades and Exterior Claddings

• Decorative Surfaces and Laminates (MFB, HPL, CPL, DPL - decor paperand

direct printing)

• Wood and Wood Based Panels

• Decor Finish Foils

• Carpets & Flooring (laminate, cork)

• Fabrics, Textiles

• Wallpaper and -fleece

• Leather, Artificial Leather

• Anodized, Painted and Powder Coated Aluminium-/Sheet Metal

• Sporting Goods (Ski, Snowboard)

• Corrugated Cardboard

• Synthetics, etc.



Stefan Fiedler Imaging GmbH

at InPrint 2014

Tradeshow dedicated to print

technology for industrial


8.-10. April 2014

in Hannover, Germany

Entrance West 3,

Hall 21, Booth E21

Stefan Fiedler Imaging GmbH

Schönbrunner Str. 213-215

A-1120 Vienna


Tel +43-1-522 72 92

Fax +43-1-522 45 62

SALON IRIS exhibit at InPrint on booth E21