Packaging is ready for a digital print revolution

DigitalRevolution The packaging sector is significant. In fact is makes up 45% of the total industrial print market, a notable $45 Billion! According to IT Strategies.

And of course, it is growing. Along with general consumption levels of produced consumer goods, packaging is expected to significantly grow in the next 10 years.

Unlike commercial print, or indeed graphic print production, is cannot be threatened by the shift to new media. It, like all of the industrial applications, is

According to new Smithers Pira Research  ‘The Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2018’, the World Market for Digital Packaging and Labels to Reach $15.3 Billion by 2018 and in 2013 has already reached $7.3 Billion, meaning that it has a predicted growth rate of 375%!

It is clear that packaging will remain a compelling persuasive and brand recognition process within any brands manufacturing line. It can influence purchase, whilst reaffirm to a consumer a products distinctiveness, character and identity. These attributes will only increase in their importance within in the increasingly cluttered worlds we inhabit.

And it shouldn't be surprising to hear that many of the world’s largest and most innovative of digital print manufacturers are innovating to meet this demand. At the recent IMI Inkjet Conference, it became clear that digital inkjet is most certainly entering a new period of development into industrial sectors, and packaging came through as a key area, with presentations outlining developments of digital inkjet decoration onto curved surfaces enabling unique finishes, short run production and flexible output.

Whilst the penetration of digital into packaging applications might admittedly be viewed to be at an early but significant stage, as the technology continues to increase in its quality and speed, and perhaps more importantly brand owners embrace the potential digital technology can bring to marketing campaigns, in terms of versioning, coding etc, this trend will certainly intensify.

And a digital print revolution will occur within packaging!

And to stay in touch with developments in this area, it is wise to attend InPrint Show, IMI and other industry events.

Next week, we will be attending Digital Print for Packaging run by Smithers PIRA in London, and it looks as though it is a compelling programme.

We hope to see you there.