Nor-Cote to launch innovative industrial inks at InPrint Show


Nor-Cote, the US inks manufacturer is to launch a number of specialty industrial printing inks at the InPrint Show.

Nor-Cote has a strong heritage of producing high quality inks for technical industrial applications from printed electronics, consumer electronics, automotive and security to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and flat glass decorative printing.

At the InPrint Show, visitors will be able to see their innovative range of inks including: Flexo-nano conductive ink, a new fine line screen conductive ink, new glass ink, new container ink, new improved UV graphic ink for membrane switch and nameplate printing, new mirror ink and an improved UV screen conductive ink.

Nor-Cote's screen PTF and flexo nano-conductive inks have been developed and marketed in collaboration with key strategic partners. These new inks provide considerable advantages for printed electronic production as a direct alternative to using ITO film by removing the need for using sputter coated materials which speeds up the manufacturing process considerably. Nano-conductive inks for printed electronics can be applied directly to a surface, improving productivity by reducing preparation time and printing selectively where conductivity is needed so negating the need for etching or using barrier insulation.

Nor-Cote's European Managing Director, Mike Bain explains, "Demand from the manufacturing sectors has led to a number of new products at Nor-Cote. Screen printing continues to evolve to meet the production demands for electronic, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical and security industries. These developments open up a new dimension in industrial screen printing production. In addition to our screen printing range, we are also looking to develop a digital conductive ink which complements our screen products and gives industrial printers a compelling digital option."

Nor-Cote exhibit at InPrint on booth B31

More about Nor-Cote

Nor-Cote has over 30 years of experience in the development, manufacture and distribution of UV curable screen-printing inks to our many customers worldwide. UV technology is one of the most efficient and environmentally-safe printing solutions known to man and we are proud of our heritage as pioneers in the advancement of this technology.

For more information contact Mike Bain: or visit the website