New Year, New Ideas

untitledAs we enter the New Year, I have been reading a number of management books about improving your personal productivity.

I thought I would share with you 8 Top tips that I have gleaned from various sources:

1.     Focus on one big task at a time

2.     Organise your day into Time blocks

3.     Do things that you don’t want to do

4.     Don’t get paralysed by perfection

5.     Stay in the moment, focus on the single task at hand

6.     Put your brain into Autopilot for the smaller tasks

7.     Write an old fashioned to-do list

8.     Deal with it only once. Do it now, deal with it and move on. Don’t let things hang around.


And here is an extra thought to take with you into the forthcoming months….

A big part of getting ahead in life is a willingness to say ‘Why not?’ whilst others say ‘Why?’.

Happy New Year…. Frazer