‘Printing without Ink’ Innovation

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Lumejet are delighted to showcase the LumeJet S200, their first commercial application, at InPrint 2014, with other emerging solutions that their patented “photonic” technology can deliver.

LumeJet is a technology company that uses multiple-parallel independent beams of photons (light) of various wavelengths, spot sizes and power to print, pattern, expose or mark photo-activated media: printing without ink.

The LumeJet S200 prints at the maximum addressable resolution of photo-sensitive paper and can combine - for the first time – true contone images with fine vector artwork and pin-sharp text (down to 1-point size reversed out of a coloured background) on the same page, with outstanding colour fidelity.

'This will be one of our first appearances outside UK, and we chose Germany for its strong photobook market, not to mention a long and distinguished history in print and publishing.  By April 2014, the LumeJet S200 will have been in the market for approximately a year, and InPrint will be the perfect occasion to present a business case for the ultra high quality output achievable to our target audience in mainland Europe,' says Trevor Elworthy, Lumejet founder and CIO.

He adds ‘ It’s also an ideal opportunity to engage with industry professionals beyond our core print market (fine art and high-end pro-printers), and demonstrate the potential of new printing technologies for packaging, new product development, design and communications’.

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LumeJet’s pinpoint accuracy, minute dot size, inkless, direct-print process and faultless replication offers highly lucrative potential for many existing light-activated industrial applications plus other, cutting-edge solutions in the pipeline:

  • Inline labelling and packaging, with data printed directly onto designated areas of a product as it passes along the production line. Using special photo-activated inks, labels can include fixed and variable data, are eco-friendly and recyclable, and offer cost-savings compared with existing laser printed and inkjet solutions
  • Printed electronics and plastic logic for flexible displays, thin memory, OLEDs and OPV, where deep black levels, wide viewing angles, high contrast in low light and low energy consumption are ideally suited for flexible screens.  LumeJet’s technology may provide an alternative to expensive fixed optics and masks, making the manufacturing  of über-thin, roll-up TV screens a practical reality
  • Direct-write digital maskless lithography for patterning of photo-resists used in multilayer electronic devices and displays. For a number of applications, where additive ink-based printing cannot provide the resolution (eg TFT’s in OLED backplanes), then light-based ‘inkless’ systems may have the advantage, particularly for flexible media where distortion correction of the order 1/1000th mm over a 1 metre panels might be required

About LumeJet

LumeJet is a digital print innovator, based in Coventry UK, near Shakespeare’s Stratford-on-Avon. Founded in 2010, our aim is to explore and develop commercial opportunities for exciting new photonic technology, researched at Warwick University.

LumeJet’s revolutionary, patented Digital Print Head (DPH) is the brain-child of Trevor Elworthy, LumeJet CIO and founder, and a giant leap forward for digital printing.  Similar to an inkjet, it sprays light rather than ink, and can print a dot size 0.060 mm with pinpoint accuracy, edge to edge across photo-sensitive media.