Leading Smart Screen Printing Technology Business, Thieme, commits to InPrint as Founding Sponsor

THIEME_Logo_4C Thieme, one of the world’s leading manufacturers within the field of smart screen printing technology, has committed to be part of InPrint as founding sponsor.

This notable addition to InPrint further demonstrates that the show is developing in line with its aim to become the leading showcase of innovative print technology for industrial manufacturing.

Thieme technology is at the centre of development for industrial applications including printing onto membrane switches and glass within the automotive, white goods and rapidly growing field of electronics.

With an innovative approach to developing products that fit into the manufacturing process – Thieme has successfully established itself as a leader of industrial printing technology within the manufacturing sector.

Thieme technology enables print to a high specification onto materials as diverse as plastics, glass and electronics, where a high level of expertise and output is required to be able to withstand the rigorous demands of industrial manufacturing. The required standards for manufacturing print are significantly higher than those of the graphics sector and as such this places a higher level of expectation in terms of both finish and durability. Naturally, the technology has to withstand a high level of output whilst achieving high level of production. This places pressure on the machinery deployed to meet the demand. And Thieme, are leading proponents.

Oliver Beck, Thieme

Oliver Beck, Sales Manager of Printing Systems, Thieme explains, “Since the inception of the idea of an industrial print show, Thieme has been very interested and we have attended each development group meeting.  Thieme has, for a long time, been committed to educating our customers with the requirement of technical, industrial print production through our workshops and customer education programmes, so there is no doubt, as far as we are concerned, that a show that provides insight and innovation for industrial print excellence is in demand .”