Just what is the next big thing for inkjet?


Inkjet has unquestionably transformed graphic and ceramic production. But has it done its job? Is it going to transform any other industries?!!

The short answer is yes. There is a buoyancy about the sector and exciting developments are afoot which will be revealed over the coming months and years. From pharmaceutical and medical through to packaging and décor – inkjet’s unique value is generating significant interest.

But which sector offers the greatest potential? Which is the most complex?

Ahead of the IMI Conference next week in Barcelona, we at InPrint are hosting a 45 minute webinar and discussion with Mike Willis of IMI and Mark Hanley of I.T. Strategies to discuss some of the burning questions, today at 3.00pm GMT/4.00pm CET.

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InkJet is transforming industries, for the graphic and ceramics sectors, now, virtually all production is inkjet. But with the potential to cross into other industries, the question everyone is asking is, what is the next big thing? In this first webinar, hosted by InPrint Show, with Panelists Mike Willis of IMI and Mark Hanley of I.T Strategies, we ask what is the next big thing?

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