InPrint & Hannover Messe Dual Ticketing Gives Visitors More Reason To Attend

Hannover Messe (2) As many of you know, InPrint 2014 is billed as the only exhibition, anywhere in the world, focused upon industrial print technology in manufacturing.  It is unique amongst the plethora of other ‘Print shows’ in Europe, as it will take place 8-10 April 2014 in Hannover, and is co-located alongside the Hannover Messe, the world’s leading tradeshow for industrial and manufacturing technology for production.

Unlike any of the other main print events, InPrint is strategically positioned alongside a number of other huge exhibitions that really are linked by technological synergy and that collectively attract an astonishing 180,000 visitors from across the world.

For visitors to InPrint in April 2014, there is the added advantage that their ticket will enable them to transfer into the Industrial Automation fair, the Digital Factory, the IndustrialGreenTec or perhaps even the Metropolitan Solutions Show ? And of course the reverse applies – that as a visitor to the Industrial Supply show, for example, in the Hannover Messe; you can easily walk into the InPrint show to see the exciting print innovation that will be shown by the 120 or so Print manufacturers and suppliers.

So how relevant are they to the audience who attend InPrint?

Well, InPrint is aimed at a number of market groups: For example - The Industrial Screen, Digital or Tampon printer who already specialises in the industrial applications and whose customers are already part of the manufacturing process and would probably attend the Hannover Messe anyway. This community is truly ‘industrial’ in that their contribution to manufacturing that assists product function. This type of printing is extremely technically challenging. The print that goes onto white goods, automotive, electronics and prints that is not only pushing ink, but other fluids that contribute to the function of the product itself.

The processes that are traditionally used are screen printing, pad-tampon, gravure and other highly developed, mature analogue processes that produce print to a standard that is able to withstand extremely high temperatures and produces print that is robust and durable, with a low depreciation of quality.

Whilst the maturity of the process infers one would assume print production companies would be fully conversant with available technologies and products, however their customers are in fast moving and dynamic markets. As manufacturing develops, and with digitalisation of processes, manufacturers are looking to continually develop product offerings that provide value and performance to their customers.

Growth in output is linked to general growth in consumption of manufactured products. But also a growth opportunity with new technologies that are adding to the production line and able to perform tasks not possible with conventional processes. Notably digital inkjet is giving them a reason to invest in kit that means they can run small runs, proofing and prototyping, but also respond to any need for localisation or customisation.

Another group likely to attend is the traditional printer who has the capability or understanding to recognise the changing business environment and recognises that the growing industrial print market could be interesting to them. This second group will be the ones who are looking to be informed, inspired and educated by what they see at InPrint show.

Then of course, there is the customer from within the manufacturing supply chain. And this is where we expect visitors from Hannover Messe to be intrigued by the technological innovation that they will see in the InPrint show. Visitors will be amazed at the developments in surface imaging both functional and decorative that will be on show within the exhibition. We have the added value of the incredible innovation from with the industrial inkjet sphere with applications such as printed electronics, printing on glass, wood, metal and ceramics. And of course the most talked about aspect of 3D printing. The addition of Stratasys as a key sponsor at InPrint represents a ‘real coup’ . Stratasys are undoubtedly the leaders in the field of 3D print innovation, with a complete portfolio of products from the entry-level printers targeted at the individual designer market for prototyping right up to production systems for parts manufacturing. There is no question that this technology has grabbed the attention of the world and it is clear, within industrial manufacturing, that this print technology continues to add value and performance advantage.

So InPrint offers an amazing range of possibilities for the visitor . We look forward to this ground breaking event and  expect the co-location with the Hannover Messe to offer that extra value for both visitors and exhibitors alike!