Innovative Extris Announce Plans for InPrint Show

Extris Extris, the Italian based manufacturer of mesh for industrial screen printing, has announced their plans for InPrint Show.

With a marketplace dominated by a small number of mesh manufacturers, Extris is reporting double digit annual growth and considerable increases in demand for customised mesh that is produced against the unique requirement of the individual customer.

Managing Director and Founder of Extris, Daniele De Rosa explains, "There is no doubt that the screen printing market still has tremendous potential for growth within the industrial sector. That is why Extris was the first producer of mesh for screen printing to take the decision to be part of this important new event. The products we will be showcasing at the InPrint Show include our innovative CarboNy product which is a new approach mesh production that allows customers to achieve improved production and unique results."

Recognising that the market for mesh is well formed, Extris have developed products that suit shorter run and specialised production giving their customers a different solution to any other available on the market today.

De Rosa continues, "Our customers like our approach as we are able to produce unique mesh they cannot get from any other supplier. We have experts from Switzerland and Italy who have considerable experience in producing mesh from our factory in Italy. We are able to manufacture to suit smaller production lengths as well as specialised mesh that can produce output that is unique."

The CarboNy is an especially unique product in that it combines materials of carbon and nylon and it performs at a very high level enabling print output that is unrivalled in the market. Extris has developed machines that produce fabric for mesh to create fully permanent conductive fabric. The conductive yarn is made out of synthetic and it has a core of nylon and an exterior of carbon. In particular synthetic fabric mesh is highly effective for printing onto hollow glass and for flocking applications. Synthetic fabric has more elasticity. This mesh that does not create electrostatic activity as it is permanently conductive. It is not sensitive to any dust which is important in an industrial print house and a conductive fabric does not have this problem. "Total demand for Extris’mesh led to growth of 20% in our business in 2013, and so far in 2014, we are 50% ahead of this time last year which speaks for itself." Adds De Rosa.

Extris have established their presence in the market with expertise in the Italian Como region, famous for its manufacturing production of technical textiles. A strategic partnership with the University of Milan has led to further technical enhancements of mesh production.

Extris is also unique in the amount of certifications that the company has achieved. Extris are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 for environment, the only Italian weaver to have achieved it. On top of this Extris has also achieved the Oeko-Tex certification which means they are the only producer of mesh to have achieved this significant certification.

"For Extris and industrial print production we see the future as very positive. Our approach to innovation and production led us to feel very confident about exhibiting at the InPrint Show as we see that the vision of the show, allied to its position in the German marketplace has advantages and benefits enabling us to grow our connections and business in Northern Europe." Concludes De Rosa.

Extris exhibit at InPrint on booth E02