Innovation – it is your choice!

  Printing onto 3D plastic containers


Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything... George Bernard Shaw

I recently sent a journalist on one of the ‘most widely read’  UK Print titles, a copy of our market analysis which describes the huge possibilities open to the Print sector from the developments and ongoing changes in print applications in manufacturing , mainly driven by Inkjet technology. This large piece of research reveals key insight into where demand is taking Print technology into the future – driven for the most part by continued consumer demand. Free copies are available so just email me directly for one!

The journalist explained that they had discussed the findings and decided it was not relevant to their readers who are mainly traditional analogue printers. Now, I don’t know whether this is just laziness, lack of understanding or a genuine feeling that the exciting developments in technology that focus on functional and decorative printing on different materials such as plastic, wood, glass, PCBs, metal  etc  really is not of interest to traditional printers. But I note how DRUPA’s – “Touch the Future” campaign acknowledges and embraces the many changes to the print landscape. But this dismissal, reminded me that some businesses still choose not to evolve and adapt to change, preferring to continue operating in narrow business ‘Silos’. I am not sure whether the journalist decided that traditional printers don’t like change or just don’t want to know, but I would encourage all business owners and particularly traditional printers to constantly look at their business model and be willing to evolve and adapt, because the world is always changing!

I recently observed a perfect example of a company’s ability to adapt and change when I visited Encres Dubuit just north of Paris.

The Dubuit Group has been a leader in the Screen print industry for many years and they are set to extend their range of customers targeted for its digital solutions. From their inception they have been specialising in the manufacture of machines that print directly onto objects. But they acknowledge and recognise that the world is changing and that Digital machines offer a variety of new benefits to the printer – whether it is speed, flexibility or variety – digital allows the customer to innovate the finished print product.

This year has been the Dubuit Group's starting year for launching a whole new set of digital solutions to promotional objects printers. Designed to use the advantages of digital printing technology for short runs used in personalised marketing campaigns or special event goodies, the Dubuit Group's products have already enjoyed great success on the market.

So what specifically have they launched? Well on the equipment side, the 9150 and carousel's machines 9964, 972D and 9360 have been released to address the needs of printers working in the field of objects printing like cups, pens, water bottles etc.

The 9150 machine is a user friendly, compact digital UV printing machine for printing all around cylindrical and square objects. Depending on the surface of the decoration, it can print a CMYK + White image at up to 800 units per minute with an optical resolution of 720 dpi using single pass print head technology. Changeover time between two different objects is reduced to 15 minutes which allows running multiple object printing in one single day. First exhibited in Europe at K show November 2013, the 9150 machine received, at the InPrint show Hannover, a "Great Innovation Highly commended" Award by a panel of specialists and has already been installed at customer’s sites in more than 10 countries. The carousel's machines 9964, 972D and 9360 on its side has been developed for higher production runs. With a speed of 6000 prints per hour and a maximum print height of 210 mm, this machine opens the door to new possibilities for printing pre-series at industrial speed. Both machines can print selective white and varnish thereby increasing the possibility of process colour design on transparent objects.

DubuitInprint Great Innovation award 0414 (2)


On the ink side, the Evojet UV digital ink has proven to be as good with single pass printheads as it is for scanning mode machines. Its outstanding color intensity allows printed image to catch the customers’ attention even when printed at high speed with 6 picoliters printheads. Evowhite keeps its promises and allows to provide highly opaque backgrounds on transparent substrates. Evojet has passed multiple tests done by external laboratories including some low migration tests. It confirms the range of possibilities to extend the use of Evojet inks to a larger panel of industrial customers – Real innovation!

With many events and shows coming around the corner, we know Dubuit will continue to push their Digital machines advantages to a whole new sets of customers in print and also in the cosmetic and packaging industries. Dubuit have recognised the world is changing and have succeeded in adapting and evolving their product base to a range of new and exciting customers. New product releases specially developed for printing on glass and plastic materials, at higher speed and always high quality will be announced at the coming shows and events.

InPrint is really pleased to have the Dubuit Group as a close partner and Ambassador for exciting innovation in Digital print and packaging.

If you would like to know more about their products.