Focus: The relentless pursuit of success


Whilst away on holiday , I have been reading a ' management book ' about great achievers.

It is clear that great achievers stay focused on their goal. They are so single- minded they are often considered fanatic.

They filter out the extraneous and hone in on their target. They avoid clutter of other projects that may never get off the ground.

So, to summarise, in a focused manner, achieving your goal :

1.Takes focus, it doesn't just happen, you must direct it.

2. Takes singular and total focus on one thing - for us this is InPrint in April 2014

3. Takes forgetting past failures

4. Takes Intense anticipation of future success

5. Takes a full on defence - we must press on to finish this race against adversity

So take the necessary focused steps and you will succeed in achieving your goal.