Estampados Pérez conquers the fabric sublimation market with Mimaki

Sublimation clothing samples from Estampados Estampados Pérez is a family company located near Barcelona in the city of Mataró. Eight siblings, including José Pérez and his wife Maribel Muñoz, run the company. According to José Pérez, the secret of their success is providing comprehensive, high-quality, fast, and accurate services at a local level to clients who put their trust in them.

For the past 30 years, Estampados Pérez has focused on fabric printing. This experience has helped the company stay one step ahead of the market.  For example, before the crisis hit the textile market, they expanded their business with new facilities in the south of the country, including Malaga, as well as in Morocco. Their innovation continued when, a little over a year ago, they decided to add a sublimation fabric printing process to their production line.

Since then, they have continued to stay ahead of the market, installing two Mimaki TS500 printers. The addition of these new printers has given Estampados Pérez an incredible volume of growth in a difficult economic climate.


Muñoz explains that their success began when they acquired a Mimaki TS5 printer. This printer was used to service the needs of a few clients who needed small production runs.  At that time, Estampados Pérez outsourced its high volume orders.

The experience with the Mimaki TS5 printer was a success. Clients were satisfied with the results, and the market responded with more work for Estampados Pérez. A little more than three months later, the company purchased their second TS5 printer.  Their success continued, and only six months after purchasing their first Mimaki machine, the demand for this service had grown so much that they had to get a third TS5.

Maribel Muñoz explains that just after they bought their third TS5, Mimaki came out with the TS500. At that time, they decided to go for this more productive format. They sold the first TS5 and bought a TS500, the first machine of this type installed in Spain.

Estampados Pérez was happy with the production of the TS500.  Given the increase in demand, it wasn't long before the second TS500 arrived, about a month ago. Now, after only a year since their first purchase, Estampados Pérez can say without a doubt that the inclusion of sublimation printing in their production processes has been an outstanding success, as the number of metres printed so far clearly shows: 230,000 metres.

This success has been possible thanks to their large production volumes and to all the many clients that put their trust in Estampados Pérez, including: Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Desigual and Mango, to name just a few.

Pérez says,  "For this clientele, being able to carry out this service near their production centres provided a big advantage. Before, they would have to outsource these jobs beyond our boarders.  Being able to perform these services here has allowed us to take on new clients."

Mimaki TS500

Comprehensive solution

The choice of Mimaki equipment was clear from the very beginning. According to Maribel Muñoz, "We compared what was available on the market and we saw that Mimaki technology was the best.  Their supplier in Spain, Digidelta, could offer us not only the machines, but also the ink and paper. That was very important for us. It meant that we could get technical service immediately if we needed it and that they could meet our huge demand for consumables. Due to the fact that the machines are doing print runs 24 hours a day practically every day, we consume over 20 litres of ink a day and 30,000 metres of paper a month – these are high figures!"

Estampados Pérez fully understands that in order to keep up this great success, they'll have to continue providing their clients with fast, high-quality service. To do that, they're already planning to add a third TS500 that will allow production to keep running smoothly. Pérez says this investment is possible because they constantly reinvest their profits into the company. "The future is scary, but with hard work and dedication, we've always come out ahead. Our mainstay has always been the investments we make when we have capital. That way we have some security."

Unbeatable speed

The Mimaki TS500 prints at an unbeatable speed of 150 m2/h on sublimation paper. This is possible thanks to the new master printer head which is equipped with six printer heads laid out in three steps to reach maximum speed. It also has a degassing module to prevent the injectors from getting blocked by gasses or bubbles in the ink.

This module means that the printer uses non-degassed bottled ink instead of conventional packets of degassed ink, which reduces ink costs. Mimaki has also developed special ink for colour sublimation printing with this printer. It's called Sb300 ink, which is available in six colours, dries quickly, and results in high-quality colours.

To improve print stability, the machine is also equipped with a mist removal filter that counteracts problems caused by clouds of ink. This filter improves the stability of printing operations by extracting the cloud into the machine and discharging it.

Rolls of up to 60 kg and 300 mm in diameter can be used in the machine, so materials don’t have to be changed very often. This means the machine can run unattended, allowing for continual printing and enabling the company to take on large orders without problems or interruptions.

This equipment was designed to improve productivity in the textile/clothing sectors and in fabric printing. These sectors have experienced growth in runs similar to the growth of digital printing. The possibilities for printers are endless, as the machine can make flags, banners, all kinds of signs, PoS materials, sports clothes, t-shirts and other garments, home textiles and a lot more.