Digital Print Produces Pole Position for Coke

Smithers Pira Digital Print for Packaging Conference Just sitting at the Digital Print for Packaging Conference in London listening to a very interesting presentation by Paul Jenkins from the Pack Hub.

In his thought provoking presentation, Paul highlighted the Coke digital label campaign that happened in the summer, as a key moment for digital print within the packaging industry. Despite the notable technical challenges posed by using digital print, there is no doubt that this innovative campaign delivered hugely for Coke. It captured the imagination of their customer base and set off a social media frenzy around the world with people showing off their purchase.

Paul posed the question. "Why don’t more brand owners use digital"? And it is a great question. Why not!!

There ensued a discussion amongst the conference as to why this is. My view is that I think is due to the fact the ‘brand owner’ is miles away from print production. In fact print companies, for many years, have been hit over the head on price and packaging has been viewed as a cost, and part of the manufacturing process.

But Coke took the lead.  I believe it is a cultural thing. I think that clearly  this proves Coke has a business culture that allows for risk taking and encourages leadership. Many brand owners, I  imagine would not allow such a campaign to take place because they are too fearful of making mistakes.

So, it is a question of leadership. The worlds leading organisation that produces sugary water, has taken the lead with digital print technology. Well done Coke.

Its about time the rest of the pack woke up and smelled the coffee. Or Coke perhaps.