Digital Inkjet penetrates new markets and enters a new phase of development

At this week’s IMI Inkjet conference, the majority of presentations, from vendors, developers and manufacturers was of the opportunity that industrial markets represents for inkjet technology. From packaging through to advanced manufacturing, the development of digital technology is fast and furious. Obviously as we have launched a show dedicated to industrial print, it was rather reassuring to hear that.

It appears that the time is right for a show like InPrint.

So unsurprisingly wide format technology was not really on the agenda. It really didn’t factor at all because it is a mature market for inkjet.

The people that typically attend IMI events tend to be more about future technology, the R&D professionals, strategic business executives, engineers and innovators -  the people really at the cutting edge of design and innovation. It seems that the overriding opinion was that for wide format, the job has been done, so not too much need for discussing it then!

What was relevant for wide format or graphic production - is that the head technology that is being used within the varying application areas like textiles, ceramics and other growing application areas was designed for graphic production is now going to enter a new phase of development to suit the applications, conditions and demands placed upon the process.

Change is afoot and we are entering a new phase of sophisticated design and development of new technologies that are not simply adaptations of graphic technologies, but designed specifically for the task at hand, for industrial print technology.

This is already taking place, but with all of the aspects of technology finely tuned and designed for the right uses, we will continue to see inkjets status grow within manufacturing.