Digital direct exposure at its best (CtS / DIGITAL SCREEN MAKING)

For the InPrint 2014 trade fair in Hannover, the product range has been enlarged; as a result, we are now in a position to offer Computer-to-Screen solutions for virtually any customer requirement. We have particularly concentrated on the design of smaller (STM-XS and STM-1010), modular and low-priced models, focusing on industrial screen printing processes. 

The recently developed STM-1010HR features a maximum of precision, automation and standardization.

The new model is capable of handling screen formats of up to 1200 x 1400 mm; it offers two different resolutions and is based on SignTronic’s latest OECU technology:

OECU                 Systematic refinement and enhancement of the OECU lamp unit

(Optical Engine Controller Unit)

                            - the latest DMD generation with a clocking accelerated up to four times

- considerably faster exposure processes

STPrint V.4        New and user-friendly operating software for all the StencilMasters (Windows 7)

RICB                   New measuring unit for automatic photometry, readjustment and remote

diagnostic (Remote Imaging Control Board)

UHP 330W          SignTronic direct exposure with an optimal curing of the majority of direct emulsions

                            - wide UV spectrum between 350 and 420 nm with a high lamp output

Come and see us at our SignTronic / Grünig InPrint 2014 booth no. A26/Hall 21.

Sign-Tronic AG

CH-9443 Widnau


InPrint 2014: Stand A26 / Halle 21