packaging printing

Pharmaceutical Packaging Geared to Serialization

Well-designed packaging aims at better promotion, targeted marketing, and better sales. For the pharmaceutical industry packaging yet plays another critical role in ensuring the efficient distribution and eventually, the safe consumption of drugs. In this blog,  Dr Marc Graindourze of Agfa outlines why this is the case and the role that inkjet is playing in this growing area.

The Craft Beer revolution

There’s a rumbling from the depths of the international beer drinking market, and for a while now, this rumbling has been getting louder and louder. In this blog Simon Edwards from Tonejet unveils the forces behind the astounding rise of the craft beer market and the opportunities at play for industrial digital print.

World's First Direct Print Powered by KHS System Using Xaar 1002 Heads

Following on from the blog earlier in the week focusing on Agfa's participation, this follow up focuses on Xaar's role in the production of what could be a game-changing campaign for direct to shape printing.