Phoseon Technology - A business story of light and time

Rob Karsten is EMEA Director for Phoseon Technology in Europe. As the world leader in UV LED industrial curing, Phoseon provides the broadest portfolio of LED-based solutions for printing, coating, and adhesive applications and is a sponsor at the forthcoming LiT Summit in Cambridge. Phoseon has been an impressive success story since their launch in 2002 and now employs +150 people worldwide and has recently added 50% more capacity in their factory to cope with demand. Ahead of LiT we ask Rob some questions.

A Spicy Conversation with Kevin Goemmine, CHILI publish

Kevin Goemmine is CEO of CHILI publish and is speaking at the LiT Summit on 28th June in Cambridge. CHILI publish is a ground-breaking software business and we caught up with Kevin to talk background, vision and his view on leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Cutting Edge Technology - An interview with Clayton Sampson

Clayton Sampson will be speaking at the Leaders in Technology Summit in Cambridge on 28th June. He is recognised as an innovator in the world of inkjet and Cyan Tec is blazing a future with exciting new projects and applications for industrial inkjet. In this article he explains more, and his view on the present challenges and future opportunities of industrial inkjet.

Bringing a brand to life: An interview with Mike Grehan, LifeArt

LifeArt is a unique business and Mike Grehan is the Executive Chairman & CEO. Established to produce eco-friendly, personalised affordable coffins, this business is on a steep growth curve. He is an inspiring entrepreneur and we talked to Mike to discover more about this business and what drives him to succeed. Mike will be presenting at LiT18 in Cambridge, UK on 28th June.

Tales from Adventures on Print Island. By a storyteller…

Richard Askam has become a bell weather speaker in the global print industry and a 'go-to' person for insight and independent expertise for print innovation. Richard has become known through his innovative work with Coke, but added to this he took a traditional family business in the wine trade and successfully evolved it to become an innovative leader in its field. At last year’s LiT he was voted joint top speaker with Simon Biltcliffe and in advance of his session this year in Cambridge we asked him a few questions about his presentation, his business experience, his love of performing, and storytelling.

How do we tell a good story? We asked LiT Keynote Simon Burton to reveal some secrets ahead of his talk...

Simon Burton is CEO of Exposure Communications and a serial entrepreneur. Simon is delivering the Keynote at this year’s LiT (Leaders in Technology) Summit in Cambridge on 28th June. Ahead of this, we ask him some questions about his talk and the art, and science, of storytelling.

So just how important is storytelling for business? Very, and it is all about 'pathos' 'logos' and 'ethos'

For new business, for motivation, and for any form of communication, storytelling is extremely important. Particularly for a business or product that is pushing boundaries, challenging tradition, or disrupting markets. This blog takes a closer look, in advance of the LiT Summit in Cambridge on 28th June.

Simon Biltcliffe: Leading a Marxist/Capitalist Business

Simon Biltcliffe will again be a part of the content programme for LiT (Leaders in Technology) which takes place on 28th June in Cambridge - this time he will be having a fireside chat with Frazer Chesterman. Simon describes his philosophy as being that of a Marxist/Capitalist. You may think this a contradiction in terms, but the results speak for themselves, and having an approach where people are first, and get to share in the success of the business speaks volumes. We listened to Simon….

Leading people into new places: Inca Digital

I recently caught up with John Mills, CEO of Inca Digital one of our exhibitors at InPrint 2017 in Munich in November. I had the opportunity to find out more about John, his view of leadership and the developments he is implementing at the Cambridge-based inkjet pioneer.  

Ticket to Paradise. A conversation with Dr. Max Mckeown

Ticket to Paradise. A conversation with Dr. Max Mckeown

Dr. Max Mckeown has written a number of books based on change, development and leadership including Unshrink, Adaptation, The Strategy Book, The Innovation Book and most recently, Now. I had a fascinating chat with him about his view of leadership, change, and innovation.

InPrint USA: Discussion with Tim Scully of Engineered Printing Solutions, Platinum Sponsor for InPrint USA

Engineered Printing Solutions are the Platinum Sponsor for InPrint USA which will take place 25-27 April 2017 in Orlando. In this interview we talk about the development of the business, a company which has evolved with technology to become expert at direct to shape printing technology whether pad printing or inkjet. Here I talk to Vice President of Sales, Tim Scully.

The Challenge of Improving your Sales - What does an effective sales team look like?

The Challenge of Improving your Sales - What does an effective sales team look like?

We begin a series of Leadership blogs focused on business growth and in particular on Sales development. The blog is provided by our friend and mentor Paul Streeter.

How to help your company succeed with humility, humanity and honesty?

How to help your company succeed with humility, humanity and honesty?

How to help your company succeed with humility, humanity and honesty

I recently attended a Simon Sinek lecture in London and wanted to share some of his thoughts on modern leadership and fostering an environment of teamwork and trust.

InPrint USA: 'Focus on Leadership'- Interview with Lawrence Gamblin from Kao Collins

Back in September 2016 I heard Lawrence Gamblin from Collins Inkjet present at the IMI Inkjet Technology Showcase in Chicago. His session was both inspiring and interesting. So much so, I organised a time to speak to him about his particular entrepreneurial journey in the inkjet world. The timing of the presentation and the subsequent discussion was shortly after the announcement of Kao Corporations acquisition of Collins Inkjet. So it was a good time to discuss the achievement of Collins Inkjet and his view on trends in the market and his opinion on the future.

Being creative leads to highs and lows !

Being creative leads to highs and lows !

We often talk about Innovation and creativity being crucial for business growth, but it can often be a 'bumpy ride'. When man first flew, it gave some highs and lows and just like human flight, Innovation in business can lead to a similar trajectory.

Defining a second curve with Canon

At the Einfach Digital event at Canon's Customer Experience Center I made a presentation called ‘Defining a new future with digital décor’. At the start of the presentation we focused upon the theme of a ‘new future’ beginning with a focus on Charles Handy’s principle of the ‘second curve’ made famous by his book of the same name. This article explains more about the concept and the application in a business context.

Leadership: The importance of Why?

I recently interviewed Peter Docker of WhyNot. Peter is one of the key collaborators who works with the famous leadership author, Simon Sinek the author of ‘Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action’ , which is a famous book and TED talk. Simon Sinek has inspired millions of people to focus on Why it is they do what they do and to enhance their performance as a result. Peter is also part of the Start With Why team and has the role of Igniter and Implementation Specialist. The following words were drawn from a discussion with Peter but are not verbatim his exact words.

In this interview I ask some questions relating to his experience and his vision for effective leadership and business performance.

Leadership: New Normal Radical Shift

In what was a prescient book ‘Unshrink’ – published in 2003 before the smart technology revolution, Philip Whiteley laid out the argument that organisations, processes, structures and bureaucracy have made us smaller. Phil has more  recently published ‘New Normal Radical Shift’ which is a book that outlines the change and I talked to him about the issue of change and success in leadership and business.