A delegate’s view of the Zest of LIME Seminar - Leadership, Innovation, Marketing & Evolution: How can you put the zest back into your business?

How do you put the zest back into the second morning of a conference?

Give delegates a wake up call!

Marcus Timson and Frazer Chesterman of FM Brooks recently ran a seminar on Leadership, Innovation, Marketing & Evolution at IMI Europe’s Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2013 in Barcelona. With over 70 attending, the LIME Seminar provided delegates with motivation to put the “zest back into their business” through toughness, courage, tenacity and energy.

Attendees were encouraged to participate during the seminar by working as a team to form a circle, a square and then a star. It was interesting to see the “thought leaders” who took charge of the situation. Teams were able to form all 3 shapes, but of course the star took the longest. From this task attendees were able to see how important good leadership is, in any walk of life but especially in business aspects, a message Marcus and Frazer explained very clearly.

The innovation statistics presented were interesting.  The audience were asked which countries they thought were most innovative.  Many answered China, but in fact the most innovative was Sweden, followed by Switzerland and Singapore. China is 64th in the league table of innovation but of course they are working very hard to improve.

Inspirational and courageous speakers, Marcus and Frazer were able to explain the importance of marketing, something I agree with.

A lot of businesses have built strong brand identities by being creative, innovative and making their customers believe in their brand. Apple was used as a prime example of this.

Towards the end of the seminar Marcus and Frazer introduced their own innovation – the Inprint 2014 event they are organising. The idea behind Inprint reflects their belief in the growth of the industrial print market from approximately €80 billion today to over €100 billion in the next 10 years.

Apart from IMI and IMI Europe, there aren’t many events in the industry that focus on the future of industrial print, so Inprint provides the new trends and help grow the industry.

Details of the LIME Seminar and InPrint can be found at http://www.inprintlive.com/en/index.html


by Kirsty Inman, Marketing Assistant, IMI Europe