A Discussion with Xaar: Is Inkjet Crossing the Chasm into New Sectors?

At InPrint, we run surveys to gain an understanding of growth and change for industrial inkjet. However, it always helps to speak with some of the experts in technology businesses that have an independent view on a number of new sectors. Xaar is a good one to speak with regarding direct to shape and décor in particular, being an independent head manufacturer. So I had a chat with Adam Strevens who is Strategic Marketing Manager at Xaar.

InPrint USA: Inkjet Printing Ramping Up in Packaging

Visitors to the first “InPrint USA” in Orlando, FL April 25-27 will see a big array of digital print technologies, all for industrial uses, and inkjet technologies will be the most numerous and important ones at the show. In this blog Bob Leahey of InfoTrends helps us to prep the way there, by offering a quick summary of inkjet in a key industrial sector, packaging, and why packaging’s a focus now for many of the inkjet technology vendors that will exhibit at InPrint USA.

The Growing Pains of Industrial Inkjet

Throughout 2016 InPrint Show ran a number of surveys, panels and seminar sessions with the aim of sharing insightwith the inkjet and manufacturing community to promote growth inindustrial printing.

What is clear from all of the information, the speed of growth within industrial printing is fast outpacing other traditional print segments. For example, results from the recent InPrint Décor Survey suggest that growth is expected to be well over 10% with many (nearly 40%) believing growth to be in excess of 15% per annum. The industry is busy and buoyant, however there remains challenges for technology and commercial development because where there is growth, there are bound to be growing pains.


Digital Print Packaging: Poised at the Chasm

Digital Print Packaging: Poised at the Chasm

According to brand owners speaking at the recent Smithers PIRA Digital Print for Packaging Conference in Berlin, digital print must be better, faster and perhaps, even cheaper. In this event review I outline some of the insight gathered from the event.

Are there enough entrepreneurs involved in industrial inkjet?

We have highlighted in previous posts that there are some growing pains for industrial inkjet. These are related to financing, gaining investment, managing growth and so on. The considerable amount of M&A over the summer period seems a result of this. 

Top Secret: Is the NDA Stifling growth for industrial inkjet?

here is no doubt industrial inkjet is in a growth phase. As we have identified before in this blog, we think that with growth you will get growing pains. The fact that the market has seen a number of mergers and acquisitions over the quiet summer period bears testament to that. For smaller companies with clever technology, scaling up isn’t easy and finance is an important component for growth.