TTP Ventus launches pulsation-free micropump for inkjet systems

TTP Ventus has launched an innovative range of pulsation-free air micropumps which enable compact, modular ink control for industrial inkjet systems.

Inkjet systems are becoming increasingly complex, with the demand for higher throughput driving increased printhead counts and ever-higher lay-down rates. Such systems require high levels of reproducibility between printheads in order to avoid visual defects in the printed image.

One important factor in achieving this is consistent meniscus pressure. Traditionally a bank of printheads might be connected to a single air-pump, with a pulse-damper and/or an accumulator used to deliver a stable, consistent meniscus pressure. However, the physical size and complexity of such systems is a disadvantage. Further, their response-time is relatively long, and they are unable to provide independent control of the meniscus pressure to each head.

Disc Pump offers a solution to these problems. Its pulsation-free flow means that dampers and accumulators are no longer required, and its small size means that it can be integrated directly with an individual printhead. These benefits enable independent bias pressure control and optimal printing system performance.

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