Inkjet Innovation in Eindhoven with NTS

Tell me a little about NTS? How long have you been in business?

NTS develops, produces, assembles and tests complex (opto) mechatronic systems and mechanical modules for large, high-tech machine manufacturers (OEMs). As a first-tier systems supplier, we focus on companies active in markets with high levels of product diversity, low volumes and high complexity, such as the semi-conductor, life sciences and digital printing markets, in which precision and manoeuvrability are paramount. NTS excels in these disciplines, advising and assisting customers in the realisation of their objectives throughout the machine's entire lifecycle

We have more than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we are an international business, which is headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands, with more than € 250 million turnover. So we have a strong pedigree.

What key competencies do you operate in?

NTS digital printing competence group has 25+ years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and assembly of customized inkjet printer or printer modules in different market segments namely:

· Graphical printing

· Functional printing

· 3D/Additive manufacturing

Over the last 25 years, NTS has accumulated the skills, capabilities and know-how to develop and manufacture industrial inkjet printer and printer modules with key competences, like Mechatronics Systems, Optical system, Value engineering & DfX and Printheads & COTS integration.

Our aim at NTS is to support our customers to achieve short time to market, low total cost of ownership and risk mitigation by inkjet process validation.

What is unique about NTS? Tell me about some key projects you have worked on?

I believe there are several reasons for customers to choose NTS as a partner. Firstly, our All-In-One service providing development, manufacturing, assembly & life cycle management of printers and modules. Our unique core (opto-) mechatronics technologies to develop high speed and high accuracy but cost effective printers.

We also have a key strength in our established partnerships with printhead manufacturers, ink, drive electronics and components suppliers as well as a Global production and assembly footprint which allows us to customise for specific customer needs..

Tell me about some of the projects that you have worked on ?

1.Printing on Flexible Packaging

A wide, integrated and modular print bars has been developed which prints on flexible substrate through R2R handler and prints on aluminium foil, plastic foil and other flexible substrate which is used for food packaging. Some key specifications:

Resolution: 1200 DPI

Accuracy: < 10 um dot landing

Speed: > 100 m/min

Colors: > 7 colors (water based inks)

Throughput: 24/7 production

Pic 1.jpg

2.Wide-Format Graphic printer

A large format gantry has been developed which is capable to move multiple prints heads in X-Y direction to print on rigid substrate which has floors, steel, paper etc.

Mass: 800 kg (moving)

Number of print heads: 64

Accuracy: < 10um dot landing

Throughput: 770 m2/hr

Speed: 1 m/s

Resolution: 1260 x 720 dpi


3. Direct-to-Shape: Printing on cylindrical object

In the last years, NTS have undertaken a challenging project in the field of packaging to (vertically) print a color image on the product (cylindrical shape). For colors CMYK are printed with four print station fitted in a carousel along with UV curing station. Some key specifications:

Throughput: 36000 products/hour

Accuracy: 7 um printhead position relative to product

Printhead DOF: 4

Automatic calibration between CMYK stations


Functional Printing: Printing GBL ink for printed electronics (3D Display)

In the near future, we will be able to watch a 3D movie without wearing any spectacles to see the screen, which can then be switchable back to 2D. For that purpose, a fully autonomous Gen 3 inkjet printer has been developed which sits in the production line for jetting PI/GBL ink on glass substrate.

Some key features:

· 24/7 operation

· Automated printhead maintenance (contactless cleaning)

· Compatible to work in cleanroom environment (ISO 2 and above)

· In-line nozzle inspection module

· Large print area 550 mm x 650 mm

What is your view of the development of Industrial Print?

We envisioned the growth of Industrial printing in a number of segments.

Firstly the Packaging industry where a transition from analog to digital printing technologies is taking at a fast rate. Then Direct-to-Shape industry where customization trend is demanding to printing after the product has been manufactured.

And finally in 3D/Additive Manufacturing where industrial inkjet provide the advantage of printing multi-material using several print heads.

All of the above are about market demand, requiring an industrial printer (or modules) with high accuracy, high throughput. With several years’ of experience and proven building blocks NTS is capable to support our customers and prospective new customers.

We look forward to seeing you in InPrint Milan in November 2018.

Thanks Shahzad for your summary.

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