Heidelberg Omnifire Presents at Allestire DecorLab in Milan

Annette Gansert from Heidelberg Omnifire at Allestire Decor Lab in Milan

Annette Gansert from Heidelberg Omnifire at Allestire Decor Lab in Milan

Allestire Decor Lab is a place where you can learn about the potential of digital interior decoration and understand how decoration can be individualized, organized by the Italian magazine Allestire which covers the world of exhibit design. From product and store designers to event managers and booth builders up unto creative directors, architects, franchisers and end customers- they all came together to see innovative products and decoration solutions and to learn about new techniques, technologies, materials and even how to develop creative projects. 


The exhibition showed four environments (Living, Shop, Workshop and Office): a great opportunity for the world of visual communication, a window open to the world of interior decoration. Nonetheless, it is also a meeting place: the location is in the heart of the Milano Design District (Via Tortona) where design, art, fashion and innovation meet together.  You’ll find chairs and lamps next to mosaic stone walls,  carpets and wallpapers next to latest store designs….all digitally manufactured.

Heidelberg was invited to present the Omnifire in this environment during a workshop called “The shop of the future”. As the Omnifire already has proven its ability to work well in a point of sale environment, this was a perfect subject for this fascinating technology.

After the presentation, many attendees used the opportunity to further discuss and go into detail of direct-to-shape printing. Different samples have been looked at and personalization “to go”  scenarios have been discussed.  This is just yet another application possible on an Omnifire machine.

If you want to learn more about Omnifire please go to www.Heidelberg.com/hello-omnifire