Inkjet Printing for the Decoration Industry

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Interior and exterior decoration are favorite fields of exploration for inkjet printing. Yet, as the world of decoration is very diverse, it is absolutely necessary to study each application in detail in order to develop inkjet printing solution that allow the industry to move to digital.

“Agfa is partnering with industry leaders from the decoration industry and with inkjet system integrators. This three-party approach warrants the development of a print solution that fits all functional as well as economical requirements. The value of the solution is expressed in terms of the percentage of designs that can be shifted to inkjet printing, offering the flexibility to customize each and every single design without a single production stop.”

Tom Cloots, Director Industrial Inkjet, Agfa Graphics

Decorative applications are always challenging for inkjet inks. First, the ink’s performance needs to be so good that it fits within the full production process. In addition, the ink has to achieve a consistent output from one production run to the next, e.g. to repeat monthly print runs of the same design files.

“Agfa inkjet inks, either UV- or water-based inks, have been developed with a view to delivering consistent results for the production of deco laminate (both for flooring and for furniture panels), furniture edge bands, doors, walls, etc. The quality of the ink forms the key element of the solution.”

Marc Graindourze, Business Development Manager Industrial Inks, Agfa Graphics

 Come see and touch the printed samples at the Agfa booth (454) at InPrint Milan (November 20-22).