Inkjet Printing for the Wood Industry

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Inkjet printing is now really finding its way in industrial environments. One example is the wooden pallet manufacturing industry. Without doubt, you will have seen the EUR or EPAL logos on the sides of these pallets.

For decades, these logos and other marks on wooden pallets have been made either by means of brandmarking,or by means of stencil marking – both techniques that are labor-intensive and prone to quality issues.

Now, go4inkjet, a company with extensive experience in marking and coding applications that supports OEMs with print projects,is changing the pallet manufacturing industry. It has developed a dedicated inkjet printing system to print on the wooden blocks (either already mounted in the pallet or not), which is integrated directly into the wooden pallet production lines. This inkjet printing solution has proven itself as an effective and cost-saving replacement of conventional marking systems in the wood industry.

"Our inkjet printing systems are integrated in the actual pallet manufacturing or repairing process, and they jet from a safe distance to avoid collisions with the pallets. This way of working with inkjet printing solutions has proven itself as an effective and cost-saving replacement of conventional marking systems in the wood industry.

The benefits are numerous. Not only in terms of laboursaving, but also in terms of improved readability of the marks, as well as the elimination of many safety risks on the work floor.The quality of the prints is very high and perfectly consistent, even on rough surfaces, and logos and text can be changed on the fly without any additional cost."

Ernest Langbroek, founder go4inkjet

Printing on wooden pallets is certainly challenging for inkjet inks, because high opacity or density are a must, as well as durability in severe outside conditions, certainly in wintertime.Nevertheless, Agfa inks manage to meet all requirements:

“Agfa’s Altamira UV inks have been developed for challenging industrial applications with the focus on delivering consistent print results day-by-day and ink batchafter ink batch. Agfa’s UV ink technology allows for high black print density as well as high white ink opacity, which is key for these kinds of applications.”

Marc Graindourze, Business Development Manager Industrial Inks Agfa Graphics

Come see and touch the printed samples at the Agfa booth (454) at InPrint Milan(November 20-22).