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Recently,  I spoke to Gregor Scheiffarth Global Marketing Communications Manager - Coated Technical Textiles from Low and Bonar about their new textile products, which have taken the interior decor market by storm..

Tell me something about your company and the innovative new products that would interest our readers?


Low and Bonar design and manufacture components which add value to, and improve the performance of, our customers’ products by engineering a wide range of polymers using our own technologies to create yarns, fibres, industrial and coated fabrics and composite materials.


The Coated Technical Textiles business unit supplies a range of technical coated fabrics providing aesthetics and design, performance and protection in products such as tensioned architectural structures, awnings, marquees, advertising banners, tarpaulins and vehicle curtain sides to the transport, building products, print, leisure and industrial markets.


For wall coverings with impressive dimensions, Low & Bonar has now developed the digital print fabric MEHGIES® AIRTEX® magic FR duo. Its surface has a textile texture, lending the fabric a natural, cozy radiance. The Vinyl coating is very sturdy and makes the surface scratch-proof, dirt-resistant and hygienic.


For this reason, AIRTEX® magic FR duo is not only designed for commercial decorations, but is also eminently suited for use as wall coverings in low-germ environments, such as doctor‘s offices and hospitals.


The grey back coating on the back renders the substrate nearly opaque. Walls therefore require no pre-treatment. Existing spots, scratches, joints or other blemishes do not shine through. This results in a considerable time and cost savings.


At recent exhibitions, our stand was built in a way to create a story and to lead visitors through this story: arriving at the bus station, having a meeting in the conference room and relaxing in the living room afterwards


As you can see from the images all the walls are printed on AIRTEX, the “windows” in the meeting room and the bus station are printed on our backlit material.


If you would like to know more about AIRTEX – contact