IIJ: Freedom to Print Digital Wallpaper

I recently caught up with Paddy O’Hara, John Corrall and Veena Sarojiniamma of Industrial Inkjet Ltd in Cambridge, UK to speak to them, and to view their new inkjet wallpaper printing machine. This machine represents a departure into new territory for the integrator who previously had built its business around developing bespoke technology with inkjet for a variety of manufacturing uses. I visited them to find out more.

How is this inkjet wallpaper machine different, and why have you developed this specifically for the wallpaper market?

Traditionally at IIJ, customers would come to us if they couldn’t see a machine available in the market and we would most likely develop something new for them. They would go around all the standard machine suppliers and if they couldn’t get what they wanted, then they would come to us and ask us to help.

What is different this time is that with wallpaper printing we saw an opportunity and we developed something that we think the market both needs and will really value. The total amount of wallpaper produced in the West has been in decline for some years and we see a real opportunity for digital print to reverse this trend.

How has your business changed over time?

Back at the time of the first InPrint in 2014, we saw our future as likely to be focused on the robotic stuff along with individual projects.  However, because every robotic project is different we soon discovered that you get very little leverage from one project to the next. And whilst this develops your expertise and ability to solve complex problems, you just don’t get a lot of repeat business. Additionally, the robotic stuff is really hard as it takes up so much of our expertise and our time.

So we had a choice, to invest in more people to respond to this demand, or focus on less engineering-hungry stuff and select and develop new technologies that fulfill a particular need. This is why we developed this machine.

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