'Bring me sunshine' - Digitally Printed wallcoverings in Children's ward at Cardiff hospital.

Ever- more ingenious and creative graphics displays are emerging in retail environments – and other public spaces – as digital print continues to gather pace. The materials available to designers have expanded dramatically, and where in the past an issue such as print quality might have been the dominant factor, designers, installers and architects are now looking at a much broader pallet of factors that includes surface textures and varying transparency/opacity.

The evolution of digital materials has made new and often more cost-effective approaches possible. An example is ultra-clear window films, which are so transparent that they can be used without die cutting whenever an area of clear glass is desired adjacent to or within a printed image. Durability and ease of installation have also continued to improve, making wall and window graphics a more practicable choice in retail premises, for both short- and long-term displays.

A recent project at Cardiff hospital illustrates the scale of display that can now be achieved more easily using advanced materials. Wall-mural specialist WallpaperInk was asked to create a child-friendly set of rooms and corridors, and they used all of their experience with commercial clients to create an arresting result.

Avery Dennison MPI™ 8626 Wall Film was the material used – part of the MPI 8000 series of printable films, with options that include canvas, stone and stucco textures, along with a smooth facestock and a choice of adhesives. Six rooms and corridors are now covered in vibrant images and signs, and another five hospitals in Wales are following suit.

Scott Evans, WallpaperInk Managing Director, said that Avery Dennison MPI™ 8626 Wall Film was quickly selected as the best performer, based on a number of crucial criteria: “We tried out this material and loved its performance around corners and during application. We’ve used alternative products in the past, requiring paste or pre-pasted, but MPI 8626 was much faster to apply. It also gave us the durability and scuff resistance needed in an environment that faces heavy use. A smooth, matt finish and bright graphics gave us a unique look.”

The MPI 8000 series offers a number of important benefits, including fast and clean installation without priming and compatibility with solvent, eco/mild solvent, latex and UV curable inks.

For more info, please visit graphics.averydennison.eu/wall