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BLOG – Interview with Jeffrey Vermaat and Karel de Munck from – Resolutie NL.

‘Flexible and Informal but always serious’

I was recently lucky enough to visit the offices of leading Dutch Designer, Printer and Décor specialist –  De Resolutie – and their business certainly showcases what they can do. Their offices are a creative ‘menagerie’ of digital Print – they live and breathe their vision .

The company started as a Pre-press house, but recognised their world was changing and there was no future in this area, so they invested in digital early and started producing brochures, business cards, signs , posters and uniquely wallpaper using a Xeikon machine.

Karel : Wallpaper is special for us, Digital wallpaper gives so many advantages – flexibility of design , originality and so easy to ship in small quantities. We have a large range of different designs already available.

Jeffrey: We effectively re-invented the concept of ‘picture run’ wallpaper says Jeffrey and we started to produce our own unique designs. We were responding to demand, creating something unique and working with original designers. We now have the Xeikon 8800 and this produces fantastic quality wall coverings. However, our customers wanted other ideas, so we tried to print on lots of different materials. Our feature wall with pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse shows the different possibilities. We printed her on wood, plastic, glass, metal, corrugated card, you name it , we’ve done it!

Karel: Would you believe we have over 5000 customers? Big and small. Sometimes they buy business cards maybe once a year or a poster or some wallpaper, we don’t mind. With so many, we always like to tell them what else we can do. We like to push them with new ideas. We like to discuss what problems they have and look to provide a solution.

Jeffrey: When we think about what we do, that is different, we like to think that we offer styling and decorating not just printing. We have evolved what we do to be more about creating a Decorative STYLE. De Resolutie provides a comprehensive package of services. Thinking with our customers, advising and looking for suitable solutions is a matter of course for us.

In our services we want to go ahead. Therefore, we continuously invest in knowledge, new machines and in the latest techniques to offer our customers complete and innovative product or service.

Karel: The origin of De Resolutie was almost equal to the rise of DTP, during the mid-eighties.

Innovation has always been our top priority. You can tell by the fact that an original main activity lithography has long been replaced by other services. This change was provided and anticipated by the company and led to the development of a new business strategy.

We are always looking at new technologies and applications. If we think it can help our business then we will invest in it. As soon as we install a new machine and it is available and reliable , it is deployed. We were therefore the first in the Netherlands to place a Chroma press, the forerunner of today's digital printing presses, and that have now been numbered 15 and 16, says much about our innovation capability.

Working with De Resolutie, we guarantee to work according to the latest technology and the newest ideas – we have Agfa, Zund, Xeikon machines, but we also have people who like to try new things. So we are always pushing the limits.

Jeffrey: we are really excited by the new event Pure Digital 2018 as it reflects our own mission – to connect with the creative marketers and show the range of different applications available for Retail, Office and Home.

It is great when designers and brands come into our office, they really love it. They can really see the possibilities with digital print. I am looking forward to being involved as an Ambassador for the New Pure Digital event and I am pleased that it will be here in the Netherlands.

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Jeffrey describing the creative world of De Resolutie

Jeffrey describing the creative world of De Resolutie