Mark Hanley of IT Strategies reviews InPrint USA - Full White Paper review available

InPrint in the US - Show Review


 The start of something exciting !


InPrint History and Rationale

InPrint is a show, which has been successfully run 3 times so far in Europe, and this is the first time the show has ventured to North America. With 80 exhibitors, it was co-located adjacent to ICE USA, the International Converting Exhibition (both shows are owned by British show organizer Mack Brooks). At the last InPrint in Europe in Milan in November 2016 2,900 attendees visited 118 exhibitors. I T Strategies is an information partner for InPrint.



Why USA InPrint?

There has already been some debate about the differences between the US and European markets in industrial print which influenced the decision to bring this show to North America. The sense has been among some – and we freely admit we tend to share this view based on our own research experience – that Europe has been so far a more fertile area of innovation in Inkjet integration, which is at the base of these developing markets.


The empirical experience has been of many more companies in Europe engaged in new market industrial development. However, based as we are in the US we can also testify that there is at least as much going on in North America if you judge this by investment. The difference appears to be that in North America much more happens behind closed doors in what we call closed loop (essentially secret) arrangements. Therefore, think major household name band owners or think major highly scaled packaging converters. Because of the confidentiality we cannot name names, but it is big.


So, the debate is not about level of interest or size of markets, we would rather see it in terms of efficiency. As we see industrial print from packaging on down, it is an immensely difficult project for digital printing – capable of resolution, but involving very high print, conversion and usage specifications within difficult production environments.


Add to this that the digital print technologies and their vendors are at the beginning of a steep development slope, and an argument for open cooperation emerges as a means to overcome the complexity and massive technological interdependence involved in digital industrial print. Will Europe with its apparently more open approach to development be better for the industry than a more closed model in North America? Perhaps. Europe is like that anyway because it still has a strong base of small and mid-sized businesses. That is friendly territory for early and new markets. But there is missionary work to be done in North America as well among our corporate leaders. They need perhaps to know why a more open model is the key to progress.


InPrint delivering educational content


InPrint ran two paid conferences and various free educational tracks at InPrint USA – one on-floor theater featured a number of unique tracks and sessions focused on applications, while the paid conferences off-floor had more global themes with a focus on current and future market opportunities and technological challenges, all well attended – more information about the content is in the full review and copies of the presentations are available.


I T Strategies InPrint Industrial Digital Print White Paper

I T Strategies contributed a white paper to InPrint for issuance to attendees as part of our missionary work with InPrint on behalf of the development of these markets. We will issue this white paper separately but at the same time as this InPrint show review.


The rest of this review is a non-exhaustive analysis of select products in alphabetic order, which we thought to be of special interest to our readers featuring detailed reviews of AGFA, Dubuit, EFI, FujiFilm Dimatix, Mimaki, Ricoh and others .


If you would like a more detailed copy of the review of InPrint USA 2017 – please email me . We also have full and detailed reviews from Mark Hanley from IT Strategies of ISA in the US and Interpack in Germany.






Dubuit show a number of direct to shape machines

Dubuit show a number of direct to shape machines