Leaders in Technology Summit - 28th June, Cambridge, UK

Building on last year’s event which took place at Sidney Sussex College, the aim of the event is to inspire our community of inkjet developers with insight on leadership, entrepreneurialism, and innovation.

Whilst industrial inkjet is in a growth phase it is experiencing a number of growing pains as it is disrupting traditional techniques. Getting people to deviate from convention isn’t easy! 

The event itself starts at 1.30pm with coffee, beginning at 2pm.

We are expecting 60-80 guests, from the InPrint community.

The first section of sessions are delivered by lively speakers focused on innovation and business growth. Simon Biltcliffe (Webmart), Costas Papaikonomou (Happen), Adrian Munn (Monochrome) and Richard Askam (WNC). All inspiring speakers with a strong message on innovation and growth.

The second block of content will be more technology focused and pointed at industrial inkjet with presentations from Lawrence Gamblin of Kao Collins and Pete Bergstein of Bergstein.

The event will conclude around 6.30pm where we will have drinks, then of course dinner which is sponsored by Diamond Dispersions, a Lubrizol Company.

Spaces are limited - if you are interested in joining us, then please email marcus.timson@mackbrooks.com

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