Recruitment needs in the Industrial Print market

Recruitment issues in Industrial Print

Throughout 2016 InPrint Show ran a number of surveys, panels and seminar sessions with the aim of sharing insight with the inkjet and manufacturing community to promote growth in industrial printing.

What is clear from all of the information, the speed of growth within industrial printing is fast outpacing other traditional print segments. For example, results from the recent InPrint Décor Survey suggest that growth is expected to be well over 10% with many (nearly 40%) believing growth to be in excess of 15% per annum. The industry is busy and buoyant; however there remains challenges for technology and commercial development, because where there is growth, there are bound to be growing pains.

In particular, there are a couple of key recruitment issues facing the growing industrial print segment:

Bridging a Knowledge Gap

The fact is that there is a knowledge and skills gap and as industrial print continues to grow, this gap is more likely to widen. This is in some part a natural result of a fast evolving market and that the structure of the market is not fully formed.

Increasingly, we are having customers asking us if we know of any ‘good’ people out there to help businesses to grow.

Whether it is technical or sales skills or just experience in the inkjet market, there seems to be a shortage of relevant human resources.

More Entrepreneurs Required to Accelerate Adoption

For the developing community, whilst technical knowledge is important for effective integration of inkjet, it is most effective when knowledge is accessible to the entire supply chain. Whilst the technical challenges are not inconsequential, the developing community would also benefit with a greater number of entrepreneurial individuals to help connect opportunity, creating new value and convincing customers to take a commercial risk on inkjet. Leadership is required and people who can build teams, inspire customers and attract investment are crucial. This is particularly important for effective integration.

We have a number of vacancies that have been mentioned to us by customers which cover a range of job functions. Here is a selection:

·         Project Manager for Customized Digital projects - Netherlands

·     Construction Manager – Netherlands – developing specifications and delivering final industrial digital products – Benelux region

·         Commercial assistant for large Ink manufacturer , ideally young graduate – Belgium

·         Inks specialist – Benelux

·         Textile Inks specialists – Switzerland

·         Digital Print sales – Switzerland


If you are interested in knowing more we would be happy to introduce you to these companies who are recruiting now *


We have also been advised by a ‘good’ friend of InPrint that he is currently available to look at new roles and is interested to hear about any exciting opportunities or projects in industrial inkjet print:


UK based professional with a career spanning a range of industry sectors including Industrial Inkjet technology, printing and packaging machinery and sales to a wide variety of industry sectors. Willing to travel and has excellent leadership and sales ability.


If you are interested in knowing more about this individual and would like to be connected with him.


Email me in confidence – and hopefully, we can help….