Sakurai Announce Sales Results Showing Strong Growth in Europe

Sakurai has announced sales figures for 2015-2016 showing an upturn in sales of almost 300% in Europe, underlining significant growth in demand for their screen-printing machines.

This increase in sales coincides with the joining of Claudio Moffa as Branch Manager of Sakurai located close to London. Moffa joined Sakurai in 2015 after a spell working for Marabu Italia and has been in his post for two years now.

With a background in engineering and a passion for innovation, Moffa has made a significant impact for Sakurai, and praises the heritage and excellence of Sakurai technology and machinery. 

Moffa enthuses, "Sakurai has a great reputation for products that are designed with a deep knowledge of what our customers need. I am very confident in the performance of all of Sakurai's products, as I know how this high quality machinery can produce new business for our customers. This could mean improved efficiency, or it could mean unlocking new potential by rediscovering the amazing power of screen printing."

Sakurai exhibiting at InPrint 2016 in Milan.

Sakurai exhibiting at InPrint 2016 in Milan.

In addition to a continued commitment to manufacture high quality screen-printing equipment, the company has introduced a new customer partnership strategy.  This initiative is designed to help customers optimise performance with the machinery, and by creating innovative applications that enable greater profit.

Moffa concludes, "I think our recent success demonstrates a genuine renaissance in screen-printing as we are helping our customer base to benefit from the potential that has always been possible. The fact is that screen-printing achieves results that other print processes cannot compete with. This includes special effects, unrivalled accuracy, durable finish and industrial speed. All of which is very compelling. Our vision is to continue to enhance our direct partnership programme by working closely with customers to help them rediscover the power of screen-printing, creating new business opportunity and increasing profit."

Sakurai plans to build upon this recent success with further initiatives to grow the screen-printing community and hope new customers join them to benefit from this proven model for success. More information will follow throughout the year. 

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