Raising Uptime of Industrial Print Solutions with Versatile Ink Sets from Agfa

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The adoption of inkjet printing technology in industrial environments is taking a flight. Both single-pass and multi-pass solutions offer new, creative opportunities. Besides digital printers that address the markets of label and carton box printing in particular, also new solutions to print on objects, finished packaging and decorative surfaces are now being presented. 

Unlike in the sign and display market, where compatibility of the printers with a wide range of substrates is key, most single-pass printing solutions focus on a selected and narrow range of materials and answer to very specific printing specifications. 

Thanks to the tight cooperation between ink manufacturers and print system integrators, that trend is now changing and inspiration leads to cross-pollinating. 

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“We help to optimize the overall performance of printing systems with dedicated digital inks. Our experience in UV-curable ink sets for wide-format and single-pass printing applications has resulted in new opportunities for industrial single-pass printing solutions which support a much wider variety of substrates, and have the flexibility to choose print heads (e.g. a print head for white ink and/or varnish, different from the printheads for the process colors) and UV curing station.“

Dr. Marc Graindourze, Business Development Manager Industrial Inks, Agfa Graphics
The broader the range of material a given ink set can print on, the more versatile the printing solution and the higher the uptime of the designed solution.

“Uptime is key in industrial environments. In the case of short run printing, it is important to support many materials, various object sizes and various printing speeds to avoid machine idle time. Versatile ink sets are of the utmost importance then.”

Agfa Graphics finds itself in a position to help integrate print in manufacturing environments. 

“Systems than can print on the filled box or container at the end of the production line are getting increasingly popular, because they are perfectly suited to print all last-minute and personalized data with an industrial single-pass printer at delivery speed.“
Dr. Marc Graindourze