Large-area industrial printing: World first launched at InPrint 2017  – The printing  of large format but not as you know it



Are you looking for a way to increase your profits, while retaining uniqueness? The designers and developers of the company Aroja Xorfex are just bringing something unique in the world to the market. Personalized design, that is the direction of how to be unique, completely original and who knows, perhaps even the first.

A special machine for extra fast printing is a world novelty. It is being launched by the company Aroja Xorfex. Prior to this, the company became famous all over the world with its unique 3D printers. And now, for the second time, it amazes the world of InPrint. This time it is introducing a large-area high-speed printing machine for large-format panels printing.

The common denominator here is the technology of the future.

Your technology may be costing you much more than you can ever imagine.

Therefore, no logistical side costs, no cost to change the theme. Software development requires innovations every day. The special ink-jet technology finds its use especially in the automotive industry, but not only there. From large-sized tiles, pavings and boards through wooden boards, glass fillings to metal panels, plastics, and also textiles and rubber fabrics of large formats.


Everything is done while reducing industrial waste at the same time – what more is there to want? Perhaps the cost of individual printing in the cost of series production and a significant reduction of operating costs or warehousing costs by up to 80 %. What will you achieve? You will increase your flexibility and will become more operational towards the customer.

Effective printing and low cost

The company is ready to produce the machines unique of its kind in the world in series. Machines for special printing of large panels are complemented by other unique technology. This year the company is launching a machine unique in the world of cans 3D printing to the world market, offering the so required personalization option.

"We are pushing printing further. We are able to modify it during production according to customer´s changes. This is a huge advantage over existing technologies that companies around the world usually use, ” thinks Tomáš Wolf, Head of R & D of Aroja Xorfex, adding that for several reasons the company is interested in working with people who want to take advantage of the new technology. In addition to acceleration and significant financial savings, it generates a number of other benefits for providers of products, services, and solutions in the field of printing. The new technology enables personalization at no additional costs even in very small series or even as individual products. Effective printing, energy efficiency reduction, innovation of the existing, but above all, it is unique.

The world of printing is full of new products, processes, and technologies. The certified high productive digital machine of the company Aroja Xorfex brings excellent effects to various areas of the world of trading.

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