USHIO at InPrint 2017


UniJet Air-cooled UV-LED light source i III series with superior intensity and a higher energy dose!

USHIO’s varied, custom designs, in the forms of the A, E and i-Series, are developed around the unique functions of the numerous applications in the commercial and industrial UV curing and printing industries. With features such as water-cooling, air-cooling and dimming, each user can be sure that their specific needs are met.

UV LED UniJet modules have distinct advantages overmercury based lamps for the curing and printing industry. They are safe to operate and their efficient design offers generous energy savings. The superior performance of this series also allows for high peak irradiance, stability and consistent uniformity. The UniJet-Series compact design and operating life exceeding than 10,000 hours offers the user convenience and ease of operation.

USHIO is delighted to present its UniJet Air-cooled UV-LED light source i III series at this year’s edition of InPrint. The light source is new for 2017 and in comparison with other products in the same category, the USHIO version has a superior intensity and a higher energy dose,

Furthermore, the new model is fully scalable and is driver integrated and also features LOC (USHIO Lens on chip) technology to achieve a higher performance but without the need for increased power.


• High power density up to 18 W/cm2

• Multidivisional dimming from 10-100%

• Scalable end-to-end with edgeless module

• Integrated driver

• U-VIT (Ushio Variable Illumination Technology):

• Partial dimming - On /Off function can offer optimized light

• Distribution which can contribute to energy saving

• Fine-tuned curing process


ink and varnish curing

high speed industrial printing