Partners in print integration – when 1 + 1 = 3

Any industrial change that affects a manufacturing process requires a lot of expertise, planning and testing. As requirements become more specific and involve complex technologies, partnering with a number of experts is key.  This also applies to the integration of print in a production flow.

“Partnering is about sharing knowledge and experience needed to integrate printing into any given manufacturing process – whatever products are manufactured, whichever materials are being used.  At InPrint, Agfa Graphics promotes partnerships to support the integration of print in the manufacturing workflow. Our high-performance inkjet inks and fluids can add functional printing or a decorative finish for various industrial inkjet printing applications, and with our partners we come to the best solutions to answer expectations and specifications.”
Tom Cloots, Manager Marketing Industrial Inkjet, Agfa Graphics

InPrint is all about inkjet-based technology that can be used to print any content onto almost any substrate. Examples range from simple text and codes, images such as company logos, QR codes or plain product information, to more complicated applications including the deposit of a decorative finish or texture. In terms of substrates, think of printing functional or decorative patterns on packaging and labels, wood and other construction and decorative materials, appliances, car interiors, chairs, promotional goods or any other objects that are part of our daily lives.

Come and discuss your specific project with our experts, whether you are a print system integrator, a manufacturer or a brand owner.