How to help your company succeed with humility, humanity and honesty?

I recently attended a Simon Sinek lecture in London and wanted to share some of his thoughts on modern leadership and fostering an environment of teamwork and trust. I really believe we should be developing our business cultures to reflect this thinking.

True strength is in the courage to admit you are wrong

What makes a company strong is to create an environment that allows you to say, ‘I got it wrong, or I need help’ and the boss says – ‘sure what do you need’ ? So many leaders try to look like they have all the answers and never make mistakes.  But by trying to act strong, we make our company weak. If we admit our humanity and humility, we make our company strong !

Good leaders give us the chance to try and fail, then give us the chance to try and succeed.

Leadership is like being a parent. When our child is learning the alphabet, and they get it wrong , we don’t put them up for adoption – we say try again. Same with riding a bike ! We foster a sense of confidence and motivation to try again

In the same way, if you put people in positions where they always succeed, then no one is going to push boundaries, it becomes comfortable and mediocre. If we want to move beyond mediocre – i.e. if we want better, we need people to try, try, try again !

Most people are motivated by succeeding, by mastering, by achieving, by accomplishing , but leaders need to realise that it’s a process and path for people to get there.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something that we love is called passion. We want people to find the purpose , the Why ? because that’s what makes the stress turn into passion.

The true value of a leader is not measured by the work they do. It is measured by the work they inspire others to do. Very often we measure our leaders by financial results. If number go up , then we think the leader has done well . But actually a good leader knows that they’re not actually responsible for results.

It doesn’t matter when we start, it doesn’t matter where we start, all that matters is that we start. The point here is take some action that moves you one step closer to the thing you desire !

Leading a Team

What is Team Work? Do you have it?

‘A team is not a group of people who work together, it is a team of people that trust each other’

Do you lead a company where people trust each other?

The word ‘team’ is used a lot, but what we mean really is ‘team ethic’. When we mean a positive team ethic, we mean a group of people who trust each other, that won’t stab each other in the back, with no gossip, no politics, and no self interest ! Each member takes care of the others. Does your business feel like this ?

‘A team is not a group of people who work together, it is a team of people that trust each other’

Create a vision and belief amongst the team that comes from them, not from you. Where the team all know WHY they do what they do… Not what they do what they do. Does your team know their WHY ?

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