Creating ‘dramatic mood themes’ through individual wall design





There is no doubt that that personalisation and customisation to suit your own needs is a key trend. Individually creating your own design and unique presentation is all about personal preferences and requirements. And now this trend has been fully embraced by the interior designs world.

The key driver for this is the flexible interchangeability of a design, allowing a quick and simple change of room ambience, seasonal themes or new concepts – in restaurants, bars , hotels, shops, museums or in other public buildings. Sihl Direct, leading producer of Digital Print media,  have developed the new EASY2WALL solution in response  to this need and now provides a high quality wallpaper – from planning to printing stage and through to precise final application.



Both businesses and brands recognise that creating a relevant ‘mood’ or theme in your environment is more important than ever, with Individual wishes of customers and workers or ‘themes’ of your brand are just as crucial as the special features and functions of the room. Whether in a boutique, a restaurant or a showroom, “Mood Management” is the term used to describe the control of the mood, creating an atmosphere, a good experience. And our fast-paced world is constantly calling out for new room concepts that allow the adaption of themes as quickly and simply as possible. With the focus being on attracting new guests by varying the ambience; creating a accent of surprise for customers with new room atmospheres: whereby the interior transforms into an exterior and vice-versa.

 SIHL EASY2WALL solution, Glass Textile design2wall Healthclean, is the latest media development for SIHL EASY2WALL a sublimation wallpaper with the highest resilient properties: durability and high quality printing, easy to clean and with outstanding resistance, also with mechanical strain. With these qualities this wallpaper is perfect for application in public spaces, with high requirements.

 Room ambience thanks to innovative interior design

‘Giving a room a soul’, is what Hans-Jörg Rickenbacher calls it, owner of the interior design studio Atelier 3. As chief architect, he was responsible for the interior renovation of the guest room and the free-flow area of the staff canteen at Mifa AG, Mibelle Group, in Frenkendorf Switzerland. The refurbishment was all about adapting the staff canteen, with 120 seats, to meet the actual gastronomy requirements.  In the free-flow area free-standing counters were to replace the conventional long, service counter. As these new units resembled market stalls, the architect had an idea – to lend the room the atmosphere of a market through a wall decoration. He discovered the picture of a historical market hall in Barcelona at a Spanish photographer. Adapted and refined as a three dimensional photorealistic wall, the idea behind the wall would entice the guests into another world and awaken a little holiday feeling.


The one-stop shop for flexible wall design

Hans-Jorg used SIHL EASY2WALL to implement his refurbishment designs: the complete solution, which allows interior designers full creative freedom in design and execution by absorbing all the challenges that may occur. ‘You bring the idea – we‘ll make it reality’ – is the promise claimed by SIHL EASY2WALL: as a one-stop solution provider the specialists execute ideas precisely and efficiently: from application advice to excellent printing through to a clean application of the resilient, easy to clean glass textile wallpaper.  


A product for high requirements


The Sihl Glass Textile design2wall Latex 260 matt (2523) wallpaper has two strengths - on the one hand the subtle structure of the surface ensures a lively representation of printed images, especially paintings, graphics and natural reproductions.  On the other hand the printed product is extremely robust and not susceptible to crack formation: making the glass textile more than perfect for refurbishment and renovation of old buildings or for the exhibition sector.

 Bright, colourful holiday pictures, sensational artworks, defined graphics or strong artistic reproductions lend rooms an unforgettable character with high distinctive value.

Digitally printed wallpaper for creating uniquely special environments!

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