TTP Meteor: An interview with Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson has recently been appointed as Business Development Director of TTP Meteor. At the recent InPrint Industrial Print Forum in Chicago I caught up with him to discuss his vision for industrial print and what he aims to achieve with his this new role at TTP Meteor.

1. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved with industrial print?

a.      I have been involved in Industrial print foraround 5 years, mainly from a the software side, working with organisation on a journey that needed to have specialised capabilities to image data manipulation for specific applications, this is mainly in the area of screening and colour management.

2.      Tell us more about TTP Meteor? What is it that TTP Meteor manufacture?

a.      TTP Meteor is one of handfulof Inkjet Drive electronics companies that design, manufacture and sell the drive electronics hardware and software that is needed for inkjet printing, regardless of the target market.

3.      How does this technology work within an industrial print machine? What does it enable?

a.      The technology allows industrial print application to be enabled through the manipulation of data down to the print heads, this could be 3D printing of scanning printing for textiles or as diverse as coding and marking on metals in industries as diverse as aeronautics to steel production.  Through our tailored software interface we are able to utilise the hardware efficiently, driving multiple print heads in large arrays for single pass applications to self contained scanning rigs for Wide Format Graphics or Textile.

4.      What is your current role? What do you aim to achieve?

a.      My job is to grow the business by ensuring we have an adequate sales pipeline for the drive electronics systems through engagements in the market at events like InPrint in Milan, Label Expo and other such events, raising awareness of whom TTP Meteor are and what our value proposition in the market is.

5.      What do you see as the future growth areas for industrial inkjet (both in terms of manufacturing sectors and locations)?

a.      For me 3D printing is going to be a key market, I also see growth in the adoption of traditional manufacturing processes being ‘enhanced’ by inkjet printing, areas like packaging, where direct to product is beneficial, laminates and other flooring types and printed electronics.  From my view it seems that the adoption is going to occur in the same place as many of the traditional industries are established.  Inkjet allows for production plants to be enhanced and modernised, standard equipment can have its life span extended with the merging of new inkjet technologies.

6.      What do you see as the key challenges?

a.      They key challenges for us all are around the adoption, there are a number of early adopters that are just now beginning to lead the way in how 21st century manufacturing should be done, once the chasm is crossed here the slow moving mass will follow and the we will see the peak of another mini industrial revolution.  The industry still lacks reach into existing industrial markets, the fear that the technology is not ready also holds us back from taking greater strides forward.  I also believe that we still lack a true voice within the cacophony of printing as a whole, industrial print is very different from the traditional print space and I believe that there is confusion around what industrial print really is, where is can be applied and what it’s value proposition is.  Event’s, like those run by InPrint are beginning to champion the ‘industrial print revolution’ but we are still a small voice in the maelstrom of everything print.  Industrial printing needs to rise above this, and demonstrate its value to a range of industries that are yet to learn of our potential.

7.      What will TTP Meteor be showing at InPrint 2016 and what do you hope to achieve by exhibiting at the show?

a.      At InPrint this year TTP Meteor will be showcasing a range of drive electronics and software capabilities for Textiles as well as other applications for other market segments, we have a complete scanning print solution that is ideal for new OEM’s or systems integrators that want to get into the market quickly without the hassle of skilling up to create the software applications themselves.

b.      We are keen at the event to drive awareness around what TTP Meteor do, we believe that it is our ability to create customised applications, bespoke engineered solutions all backed up by a support team that is utterly committed to our customers that differentiate us.  We have a world class team of electronics and software engineers that truly understand industrial and are always looking for projects that require something that is not off the shelf.