TecnoFerrari: The peak of digital decoration

TecnoFerrari Viva-Jet

TecnoFerrari Viva-Jet

InPrint 2016 in Italy promises to have a special focus on developments within decor printing reflecting the countries leadership position in design and manufacture of industrial inkjet printing. One new exhibitor is TecnoFerrari. Famous for ceramic printing, this technology leader is not looking towards new areas. In this blog Matteo Grigolo from TecnoFerrari explains more.

Digital decoration is currently at the peak of its technological evolution with the dawn of new instruments in addition to “conventional” printers. This is the scenario in which TecnoFerrari is presenting its line of VivaJet® products, built with innovative printing technology, a new market benchmark in terms of performance, ease of use and reliability.

TecnoFerrari Group is a company operating for over 50 years in industrial automation, with a business division active in the field of digital printing since 2008. Today TecnoFerrari Group enjoys a leading position in the field of digital decoration, with over 700 printers worldwide provided with full satisfaction of its customers.

TecnoFerrari Group started with ceramic, the first sector that met digital printing and that in 5 years saw an almost total conversion. This is why this company reached a complete know-how that can be transferred to other sectors.

Digital inkjet printing allows contact-less printing and high flexibility, a fundamental feature with the new market trend of small batches and custom products, where set up time is required with “standard” printing, but that is cut off with digital decoration. For these reasons and for what we directly saw in ceramic, what we expect and what studies estimate is a growth of new digital market such as building materials, laminates, glass, packaging, paper.

TecnoFerrari Group will show at INPRINT 2016 in Milan (south hall, level 0, stand B50) a new set of printers called VivaJet® for digital inkjet printing: a single-pass and a multi-pass. These machines allow top quality and high productivity; they are developed for using the latest print technologies available in the market and the widest range of inks. With VivaJet® printers we are able to print on both rigid and flexible substrates of various materials: wood, glass, ceramic tiles, special trims, plastic media, technopolymers, metal, variously shaped objects.

Inprint is a prestigious and important fair for printing decoration, and it is the only one dedicated exclusively to this sector; this is why TecnoFerrari Group decided to take part in it.

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