InPrint USA Industrial Print Forum: Staying in touch with inkjet development

The first InPrint USA Industrial Print Forum will take place in Chicago on September 7th and really kick starts the mission for InPrint in the USA to develop the industrial print market and profile inkjet and digital print technologies for manufacturing. This event is part of the IMI Inkjet Technology Showcase.

We are delighted to have such a strong program with some superb speakers with an impressive combined experience across a wide range of sectors from packaging to aeronautic to consumer electronics.

If you are a member of the inkjet community, an interested manufacturer, an industrial printer or anyone with a vested interest in improving manufacturing production then this event is for you.

Industrial inkjet is developing at a fast pace. Take your eyes off the market or stop listening seemingly for days, then things move on and new developments are revealed and exciting opportunities present themselves.

Next week at the forum we will present some findings from our recent survey’s, insight gleaned over the past few months of qualitative discussions with the market, development groups and webinars. 

But perhaps more importantly we have a superb cast of speakers at the InPrint Forum who are at the forefront of introducing and integrating inkjet into new markets from

Joe Vincola from Heidelberg will be presenting the story of the Omnifire 1000. A smart system for the inkjet printing onto shapes. This machine presents new opportunities for manufacturers and retailers who are able to print directly onto objects. This technology can open up new markets and revenue streams including customer case studies.

Patrick Morrissey from EFI will outline EFI’s ‘World of industrial print’ with a look at how inkjet has transformed markets, with direct experience of ceramics and textile. As EFI grows into new markets, Patrick will provide insight into applications and technologies from their growing portfolio of industrial print technology leveraging many contactless print applications.

Scott Einsig and Tim Scully from EPS will present ‘How to choose the right inkjet printer’ from a customer’s perspective, what kind of printer should they choose? They will give a clear and concise description of choosing the right technology for any application.

Tim Greene from IDC is presenting about 3D Printing. Tim is the author of a recent report into the development of 3D Printing and advanced manufacturing. What is the reality of 3D printing as an industrial or consumer technology and where is it making gains?

Marvin Foreman from Tonejet will provide insight to small batch canning. Tonejet technology is designed to provide drinks manufacturers with the opportunity to digitally print direct to shape. This is giving small producers the opportunity to customise and enhance their product value.

Marvin Jensen from Mankiewicz CyconJet will ask the question. What is the value proposition that industrial customers are looking for from inkjet? His answer gives detail on the example of their partnership with Fermac Glass with whom they have developed a digital solution for glass decoration.

Christophe Buillard from Sensient Imaging Technologies will present Digital Printing Technologies for Textiles with water based inks. Textile is transforming with digital and Sensient has been at the forefront of this revolution. This presentation looks at lessons learned in textile and a view of other potential industrial inkjet markets.

Scott Leger from Fujifilm Dimatix concludes the morning with a look into Implementing Inkjet into Manufacturing. FUJIFILM Dimatix is evolving inkjetting into a micro-production process that will revolutionize the manufacture of electronic and bioscience applications. Scott will describe the company's technological innovations and fabrication processes which enables high-performance, micro-precision printing.